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Genetic fear and allergies


“There was an abscess at the injection site,” my grandmother told me, who worked as an older operating sister. - But the point is not in the injection itself, but to whom this injection was made. - It was the wife of one of the NKVD employees. “And then we packed a suitcase and for a month the suitcase stood at the ready in the corridor, and we listened to every rustle outside the door:“ What if you came for us? ”. 1939

- There are such stories, heard in childhood, which we keep in memory for life. - Fear, fear, which visited our great-grandfathers, we inherit in full. I was lucky, at that time my father was already a little boy and the fear of him and me was not transferred. I was lucky that my mother was already born when they were dekulakized.

- They say that allergies are increasing due to environmental degradation. No, friends. One of the main reasons is stress - the fear of our ancestors. You can have a very favorable heredity, but with stresses and fears in family history and get allergies from a child. Not just allergies.

- It is well known in homeopathy, the so-called psychosis heredity: everything seems to be good, and the child has dermatitis, urticaria, or something else. With this I often have to meet at the reception. “We didn’t have any allergies in our family !!!” - were there any stresses in the family? ....

- Allergy is something that I do not perceive. I do not perceive relationships, relationships, food, herbs, and more. I do not perceive and defend myself, trying to get rid of the irritant in any way: runny nose, tears, skin rashes.

- Fear in genes is not just an allergy. This is the fear of change, the fear of freedom, the fear of loving and being loved. It is a lifelong fear of something and somehow. Better in slavery. This is slavery in thoughts and deeds. Genetic fear is allergies, our policy, and the underdevelopment of our society. It is difficult to conquer a slave in oneself, and not everyone is given. What we are seeing today.

- By the way, today is such a day that you can overcome your fear by volition ... at least in something small .... And to improve your kind ....

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