Geysers "Oasis" - customer reviews, types and specifications

The water heater is gradually becoming one of the indispensable things that are found not only in country houses, but also in well-equipped apartments. Modern manufacturers supply high-quality products to the market, because the competition is high. Among the consumers are very popular geysers "Oasis", reviews of which you can read below.

This equipment belongs to the middle class and skillfully combines an acceptable cost and decent quality. In order to choose a suitable model, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of the models, their positive and negative sides.

The main types of columns from the manufacturer "Oasis"

oasis gas water heaters reviews

Water heaters from the company Oasis are classified according to the principle of operation. Products can be flowing or accumulative. These units have different heating mechanisms.Flow columns are the most common today. With their help, you can get a stable and constant heating of the water, and the pressure will not affect this.

Instantaneous water heaters are classified by performance. In one minute you can get from 6 to 13 liters of heated water. Geysers "Oasis", reviews of which should help you make the right choice, differ from each other also in power.

Customer Reviews for Flow Models

geysers oasis customer reviews

Among the positive aspects of the flow equipment from the manufacturer "Oasis" buyers distinguish:

  • auto power on;
  • the presence of a regulator that controls the process of heating water;
  • lack of dependence on electricity;
  • opportunity to minimize costs.

As for the lack of dependence on electricity, it is provided with work that is carried out with the help of replaceable batteries. The design provides for a regulator with which you can control the heating process depending on the time of year. Consumers emphasize that flow models have their drawbacks, they are expressed in the high cost of devices.But buyers emphasize that such devices pay off with durability and practicality.

Reviews about cumulative columns

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After reading the customer reviews about gas columns "Oasis", you can understand that the principle of operation of storage devices is completely different. Water is heated in a special tank, which is well insulated. The advantages of such units consumers consider:

  • availability of a constant volume of hot water;
  • comfortable operation;
  • profitability of work.

Accumulative models, according to consumers, have their drawbacks, they are expressed in large size structures and high cost. If there is not so much free space in the apartment, then it will be quite difficult to place the cumulative column. Buyers emphasize that buying such equipment is better for a spacious private house than a small city apartment. In the latter case, there may be some difficulties with the installation of the device.

Despite some drawbacks, consumers quite often purchase products of the Oasis brand. Customer reviews about the gas column "Oasis" will allow you to verify this.According to consumers, cumulative models can be quite compact. However, the volume of the water tank will not exceed 15 liters. For modern small-sized kitchen such equipment will be a real find.

Reviews about the column Turbo W / TUR 20

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Reviews of the gas column "Oasis" will allow you to understand whether to opt for a particular model. W / TUR 20 is no exception. According to consumers, this instantaneous water heater acts as an ideal solution for providing an apartment or house with hot water.

The equipment can be installed in the room where there is no stationary chimney. You can install it autonomously, and the fundamental difference from traditional traditional models is expressed in the forced release of combustion products.

Consumers like that there is no need to replace the batteries, because the column is powered by the mains. It is fully automated and turns on / off when opening or closing the valve.


oasis ceramic gas water heater reviews

Reviews of the gas column "Oasis turbo", which were presented above, should help you make the right choice.However, it is important to pay attention to the technical characteristics, among them - the nominal thermal power, which is 18 kW. When operating the device, it is necessary to expect productivity in 10 l / min.

The case of white color can be entered in any interior. The pressure of natural or liquefied gas is 1.3 kPa. The minimum water pressure is 20 kPa. Rated gas consumption is equivalent to 2.3 m3/hour. To connect this gas column "Oasis", reviews of which are only positive, you will need to know the diameter of the chimney. It is 60 mm.

Before purchasing a product, it is important to pay attention to additional functions, namely, mechanical control and the ability to adjust the flame, as well as the flow of water. The equipment has an automatic ignition function and the "gas control" option. The display is built into the case, and there is also an indication of temperature. The design is made of metal. The design has a modern design, is compact and works with forced emission of combustion products. Dimensions are 340x590x145 mm. The equipment weighs 9.5 kg.

Cost of geysers

geysers oasis oasis customer reviews

Before acquiring a particular model,Be sure to read the reviews. The price of the gas column "Oasis" should also interest you. It will depend on the power. For example, the model Oasis OR-12W can be purchased for 5200 rubles. The mentioned parameter is indicated in the title. A device marked Oasis OR-16W costs 6,200 rubles, but for Oasis OR-20W you have to pay 6,300 rubles. Oasis OR-24W will cost 7300 rubles, while the Oasis OR-26W with the highest power has a price tag of 7600 rubles.

Reviews the non-flueless column of the brand Oasis B-12W

A relatively new model is the Oasis B-12W device, which does not have a chimney. This water heater is able to provide an apartment or house with hot water, and it works with high efficiency. The unit differs from other models in the absence of a chimney, which is very popular with consumers.

The design can work with low water pressure. The front panel has a display, which, according to consumers, provides the ability to monitor the work. Nominal gas consumption is cubic meter per hour.

The model has an electronic automatic ignition. This suggests that the ignition occurs in the first second, as soon as you open the hot water tap. This allows you to use the device not only conveniently, but also safely.After reading reviews of the ceramic gas column "Oasis", you can understand that the equipment case is white in color, but has an improved classic design that allows you to fit the device in any bathroom or kitchen interior. The corners of the case are rounded, which gives the appearance of the model a cozy and attractive look.


Geysers from the manufacturer "Oasis" have a unique design. For example, a strainer is installed on the gas burner, which eliminates the penetration of dirt into the coil. Tanks are protected from corrosion due to the unique composition. This property is provided by a magnetic filter. The devices are completely safe, as they are automatically shut off when there is no water supply. The design provides a lock that prevents overheating.

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