Glazed balcony.

My sister recently had a child, and the balcony in the apartment where they live cannot glaze in any way. For the safety of the baby, I think it should be done, the sooner the better. Advise digging in Dolgoprudny, which will glaze and warm the balcony cheaply and quickly.
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Answered on July 11, 07:49
If you want to glaze a balcony cheap, then the quality of such glazing can be questionable. For example, the cheapest Chinese profile, its service life is only three years.
Answered on July 11 07:57
All right, the highest quality profile is currently considered Germanic and its price is correspondingly higher than that of other manufacturers. But the life of this profile is 20 years.
Answered on July 11, 09:30
I also want to replace the old wooden frames on the balcony. Of all the companies in Dolgoprudny, I liked the company. Available windows and prices They now have discounts of up to 47 percent and positive feedback from customers. I think this is a good incentive to turn to them.
Answered on August 17, 6:45 pm
Now there are a lot of suggestions for finishing balconies. Search the internet.

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