Glue "Kelid" for different types of wallpaper: reviews

Making a purchase, the buyerlooks at the quality of the product, the price, and most importantly, the manufacturer. It is the last detail that inspires confidence in the buyer: a company that has earned authority is always in the forefront.

If, choosing a wallpaper, the buyer more attentiondraws on the aesthetic component of the product, then when you buy glue for them, design stands in the last place. Here the quality is important. We will try to understand where and how the glue "Kelid" is used in the construction industry.

Glue Kelid for vinyl wallpaper

The main features of branded products

The brand of Kelid products is Frenchorigin. It is widely distributed in the Russian market, it is represented in large construction stores and hypermarkets. Despite the European production, Kelid glue is not such an advanced and recognizable brand in our region, as, for example, Metelan, but it filled most of the stalls of the building stores. Probably, this serves as an occasion to reflect on the merits and possible shortcomings of products presented by the French manufacturer.

Glue Kelid

Adhesive materials in France under the name "Kelid"began to produce a hundred years ago. Improving production technologies and resorting to new methods of combining products, the company managed to reach the world level of product sales. The marketing strategy underlying the business was primarily based on the production of high-quality products and a wide range of adhesive mixtures for wallpaper. So there was a first line of glue for paper wallpaper, which was further supplemented with glue "Kelid" for vinyl wallpaper.

Adhesive for paper wallpapers

Products manufactured under the brand name "Kelid" are divided into several production lines, which, depending on the component composition, are intended for gluing such types of wallpaper as:

  • paper;
  • vinyl;
  • non-woven.

Adhesive for wallpaper Kelid

Glue "Kelid" is not as advanced brand as Ceresit or Kolorit, but this does not prevent the supplier from successfully selling its products on the Russian market.

Advantages of glue "Kelid"

  • high adhesion;
  • durability;
  • moderate consumption of material during application.

Assortment of goods

Quelid's range of construction materials includes:

  • adhesive for paper non-woven, vinyl wallpaper;
  • adhesive compounds for seams, curbs;
  • means for removing gypsum decorative elements;
  • glue "Kelid" for fiberglass wallpaper;
  • other coating compositions before gluing.

Adhesive glue Kelid

Focusing on European quality, the companyseeks to create products that fully meet international standards. All products that are present in the Russian market are certified, and at the request of the construction shop each buyer has the right to familiarize themselves with the certificate confirming the quality of the goods they buy.

Long years of work in the production of adhesivesmixtures allowed the company to gain invaluable experience, which expanded the manufacturer's view of the products: the line of products expanded, specialized lines were launched on the conveyor.

Features of component adhesives

Products of the enterprise have always been evaluated bythe main criteria, including the universality of the goods. Sealant and adhesive for wallpaper "Kelid" will suit both the beginning master and the professional. It is easy to make and easy to apply.

Feature of the glue is the component composition. Adhesive composition is sold as a dry powder, and when mixed with water in the package indicated on the package, it turns into a viscous mass with which the wallpaper is glued.

Important! Dry glue "Kelid" is saved much longer.

Starch is the basic component of any adhesive forwallpaper, and "Kelid" is no exception. However, the production technology for starch production is kept secret, because the innovations introduced by the company's specialists have shown a worthy result.

Thanks to cellulose - an important component of the composition,the adhesive mass acquires the necessary viscosity. In addition, the natural component contributes to the strengthening of the adhesive properties. Such a component composition is not expensive, which positively affects the cost of the goods produced.

Special features include additional protectiveproperties of adhesives. Using the adhesive "Kelid" for vinyl wallpaper, which contains insecticidal additives that do not allow small insect pests to continue their life. After processing the wallpaper when sticking, rest assured that no livestock will bother you anymore.

Despite the separate chemical and insecticidal inclusions, the glue preserves safety for human health and life, which can not be overlooked.

The preparation of the glue does not contain any complexsteps, but the special storage of the mixture must be taken care of. Ready wallpaper paste can be used for 2-3 days, provided that it will be kept in dry cool conditions and in a hermetically sealed container. If you stick to these storage features, the glue will not lose its properties and will be ready for use at any time.

Non-woven glue "Kelid" for rooms with high humidity

"What is so special about wallpaper glue?"- often interested in buyers. Glue "Kelid" for non-woven wallpaper is enriched with special chemical compounds that actively resist the formation of fungus and mold.

Wallpapering in wet rooms when using a special adhesive does not require additional surface treatment before finishing.

Kelid glue for non-woven wallpaper

Important! This approach is relevant for the gluing of vinyl wallpaper, the texture of which almost does not pass air.

So, bactericidal treatment takes place without the participation of a person, which saves you money and time.

Advantages of Quelyd glue

The adhesive glue "Kelid" in comparison with the products of other brands has such advantages:

  • Consumption of glue is the main advantage of the product fromcompany "Kelid". The mixing ratio is indicated on the package, but this does not mean that the indicators should be maintained. Glue is enough for more rolls, if applied smoothly, not "fat" smears. This will help to dry the composition quickly and keep the strength of the wallpaper, not allowing them to soak.

Kelid glue for fiberglass wallpaper

  • The widest range of products. By stopping your attention to the "Kelid" product, you will be able to choose not only the adhesive mixture for the type of wallpaper you have chosen, but also purchase special indicator compositions that allow you to track the application of glue on the wallpaper. In addition, the company produces sealants and other goods used for interior decoration of the premises.

Clay Kelid reviews

  • Continuous quality control of products. Special testing and analysis showed that the Kelid brand adhesive wallpaper is hypoallergenic and does not cause any harm to human health.
  • The use of glue for decades has shown that it has the properties of durability and reliability, which confirms the quality of the product and what the customer feedback says.
  • Simplicity in the use of glue mixtures "Kelid".
  • Confidence of customers, tested for years.

Product Reviews Quelyd

In general, the reputation of the product is positive. Considering customer reviews from around the world, you can track the positive dynamics of growth in product popularity in recent years. And the reviews in this case play not the last role.

More and more people before buying a product study its characteristics, qualities, and also analyze the feedback of consumers.

The system of otzovikov is a crib for a beginner master who wants to make repairs qualitatively. A reliable connection to the surface is provided by the adhesive "Kelid". Customer reviews confirm this.

Using a quality adhesive, yousave time for gluing and reduce labor costs, in return receiving a quality finish of the room. Choose the checked products and as a result receive qualitative repair and reliably pasted wallpapers which will look aesthetically much longer.

High-quality adhesive for wallpaper - a pledge of good repair. With each purchase of the glue "Kelid" the consumer confirms the manufacturer's guarantee, and leaving feedback, increases the demand for products.

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