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Dubai is a city where excellentrecreation for tourists who come with a business visit, as well as simply for those who want to explore the city, relax and spend time with your loved one. There is a huge number of hotels, as well as a small coastline, which is mainly occupied by entertainment and places to stay. One of them is Grand Central Hotel Dubai 4 *.


This establishment for overnight and restis located in the center of Dubai. Not far from it there are huge shopping centers, in which there are many places for entertainment. Often, tourists who are resting here are recommended to visit such places without fail and use the services offered here. Not far from Grand Central Hotel Dubai 4 * there is a certain number of attractions, among which the most popular are City Tours, Safari Desert, and Dhow Cruise.

The nearest airport (Dubai) is literally 7 minutes drive from the hotel building.grand central hotel 4 dubai


The hotel was built for tourists who wishspend time in the city to solve some issues related to doing business, as well as for those who do not mind spending some time in his luxurious rooms. The building is very often carried out small renovations, with which to this day it retains its modern appearance, as well as the technical equipment of rooms and the hull is becoming increasingly new and of high quality.

In total, his fund has 163The rooms are divided into four different categories: "comfort", "improved comfort", "suite" and "suite". Each of them has modern furniture and quality repairs. The interior of the apartments does not leave anyone indifferent, which is perfectly reflected in their reviews of accommodation, which can be found on the Internet.

All rooms have a personal air-conditioning,which regulates the temperature conditions in rooms to the level of optimal irrespective of the weather situation that occurs on the street. The apartments of the Grand Central Hotel Dubai 4 * have private bathrooms, which have a full set of sanitary ware, as well as bath accessories that tourists can find in special lockers.


Comfort apartments are located in a relatively small area - 25 square meters. In each of them there is such quantity of furniture on which two lodgers can take places.

The central place in the furniture set islarge double bed, which is made to European standards. It has an orthopedic mattress and a beautiful hypoallergenic underwear. If desired, tourists to store their belongings can take advantage of the curbstones and wardrobe available here, which has a very elegant appearance and is made of a dark wood of expensive breed.

As for electronics, vacationers canuse the TV installed here, over which satellite channels are broadcast, most of which are Russian-speaking, as well as a tea substation - with its help you can prepare hot drinks. The room also has a telephone, a safe and a small bar, which can be used if you pay a daily grand central hotel 4 star Dubai

"Improved comfort"

At the same area of ​​25 sq.m. in the rooms "improved comfort" there are all conditions that are necessary for a good rest. According to the reviews of tourists who are on their personal pages, we can say that such apartments are excellent for guests who stay at the Grand Central Hotel 4 * (Dubai) on a business visit. In particular, this is due to the fact that the room, in addition to the usual sleeping area, is also equipped with a solid working area consisting of a large desk and a comfortable chair with a soft seat. There is also a set of writing materials. Guests noticed one more interesting feature: the light in this place can be made brighter than in the rest of the room - this is provided for comfortable work.grand central hotel 4 Dubai


The territory of the apartments "suite" is excellent for both sleeping and relaxing, as well as for conducting work, as evidenced by the availability of appropriate zones on its area of ​​34 square meters. m.

If desired, such apartments canaccommodate two adults, there is also a free space that can be used to install an extra bed. In addition to the sleeping part, there is a small sitting area in which there is a pair of cream-colored armchairs and a low coffee table. Experienced tourists recommend using this part for a pleasant tea party, a drink for which you can prepare at the tea substation set in the room.

In "suites" on a free basis, thea mini-bar, which must include chilled soft drinks and several snacks, the assortment of which changes every day. Tourists who live here can use the safe and telephone for free.


Rooms of this type are offered for travelershigher comfort for living conditions. Their area (54 sq. M.) Is designed for a couple of guests, to which, if necessary, another person can be accommodated.

Holidaymakers that live in the apartmentof this category, note that in addition to the usual sleeping area, parts for recreation and workplace, there is an elegant dining area, which is represented by a small table, sofa and one armchair. Tourists can order food directly in the room, which is prepared in the restaurant - in the Grand Central Hotel Dubai 4 * (Dubai, Deira) is serviced directly in the rooms. Separate attention of guests is also drawn to the presence here of the kitchen with a small amount of furniture and appliances for cooking - holidaymakers with great pleasure apply this part of the room in about hotel grand central 4 дубай оаэ


In reviews of the hotel Grand Central 4 *(UAE / Dubai) is often mentioned and the level of service in the catering establishments available in this place for recreation. The attention of the guests is often drawn to such a service, which is provided for guests who live under the concept of "all inclusive" - ​​this is a "buffet", where three people a day are invited to attend. Guests note that they serve dishes prepared in the Eastern, European and Mediterranean traditions, with excellent taste qualities. In total, the Grand Central Hotel 4 * (Dubai) has two restaurants, where, according to travelers, served by the highest category.

In addition, anyone can visit any of thetwo bars. The menu, which is available in them, offers a wide range of snacks and salads, as well as oriental sweets, which undoubtedly conquer the hearts of Russian gourmets. A lot of attention is paid to the choice of cocktails and drinks, among which there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.grand central hotel dubai 4 Dubai Dubai

Fitness and Sports

Supporters of a healthy lifestyle do not missthe opportunity to visit the sports hall, which is located on the top floor of the Grand Central Hotel Dubai 4 *. In the responses of tourists, it is often mentioned that this place for its placement has been chosen very successfully, since it is from here that one can observe the entire beauty of the metropolis. You can visit this center from 8 am to 6 pm, any day of the week.


A large number of guests prefer to spendits time on the territory of the SPA center, where it is possible to carry out not only a wide range of cosmetic procedures, but also to attend a massage session. A large number of reviews about Grand Central Hotel 4 stars (Dubai) says that if you want to improve your skin and respiratory system, you should visit the thermal area where it is fashionable to meet a team of true professionals. Guests are offered a sauna and a sauna.

If you want to do water procedures, touristshave the opportunity to visit the aquazon, which is located in the open area. It is represented by a large swimming pool and a terrace around it. It is possible to order drinks and food from the main restaurant - travelers consider this an excellent solution.grand central hotel 4 dubai reviews

Additional services

The hotel management regularly monitors,so that each guest Grand Central Hotel Dubai 4 * could feel as comfortable as possible, staying on its territory. That is why there are a number of services available to tourists, but they are not included in the price of a standard tour. All of them can be used on a fee basis.

So, one of the most popular is provideddry cleaning and laundry - it's washing and ironing clothes. Vacationers in the reviews are sometimes noted, then professionals use modern means to ensure that things have acquired the original look. Here you can also take advantage of the possibility of renting vehicles on which seasoned travelers can go exploring the surroundings and local attractions.

Absolutely all hotel guests also have the opportunityuse a number of free services. Among them - room service, which in the comments are mostly positive. In addition, any tourists can always contact the receptionist at the reception desk with questions about accommodation and services. If necessary, a car can be called from the taxi service, and a newspaper can be ordered.grand central hotel dubai 4 Dubai

Price list

The cost of a voucher to this place isrelatively low, especially if you consider the whole range of conditions that are provided for guests. In reviews of the Grand Central Hotel 4 stars (UAE / Dubai) are often given figures of about 60 000 rubles, which are designed for a weekly stay of two tourists. Very often, the clients of operators who choose this hotel for their trip are young couples who love active leisure, as well as fun.

As the travelers note, in the standardA trip to the hotel in Dubai includes a two-way round trip and room rental. All the rest, including transfer, can be included for an additional fee and only at the request of the client.

Often different travel agents recommenduse the services of tours to the sights of the UAE and, in particular, the city of Dubai. However, travelers who have been there more than once are advised to abandon the "tempting" offers, as they will be much cheaper on the place of rest.

Very often tourists recommend visiting thishotel to its relatives and friends, recommending it because it is in this direction that the excellent service and the low cost of the tour are perfectly combined. Their accommodation here they estimate at 4.5-5 out of the possible five points, which is the highest rate.

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