Grilled pollock. Cooking recipes

Grilled pollock, the recipe of which is offered here, will appeal even to gourmets, because it is made with knowledge of the matter. This fish is affordable, inexpensive, easy and quick to prepare. If you follow the rules, the dish turns out to be tender, juicy and tasty. Even children who do not tolerate fishy smells, eat pollock in batter with mashed potatoes for a sweet soul. It is also environmentally friendly, so at least the Japanese believe. They have dishes from this fish at all times were among the most beloved. In Russia, roasted pollock, whose recipes are numerous, is also a favorite in almost every kitchen. It is stewed and baked, cooked in sauce and in batter, with vegetables and greens. Grilled mintai fish, the recipes of which are offered here, will not only satisfy your homemade ones, but also surprise you with beautifully designed dishes.grilled pollock recipeYou can cook this product every day, but so differently that it does not get bored. And fried pollock with onions is generally a hit for family dinners. And most importantly - no inconvenience in cooking, if you buy not whole fish, but ready-made fillets.

Grilled pollock. Recipe first (in batter)

For this we will need: a pound of pollock fillet, spices for fish or a mixture of dried French herbs, a little salt and black pepper, two eggs, a glass of flour, a spoonful of thick cream, lemon and vegetable oil.

How we will do it today

Wash the fish, dry with a napkin and cut into small strips. Sprinkle with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Marinating in such a way for about ten minutes. In the meantime, make a cruise. Beat cream and eggs with salt and flour until smooth.
It is good to heat a wide pan, pour a lot of refined vegetable oil (about two centimeters from the bottom should be), do not heat it up to smoke, but it's still hot enough. Dip the fillet pieces in batter and fry from all sides. Turn only after the formation of a crust. In the pan pieces should not be cramped. So that the crew did not crawl, but managed to grab, not only to turn over, but also to move the fish, you do not need the first few minutes.pollock fish recipesFire down to medium. The second side is fried faster, it will take about three minutes. In order to get an absolutely soft and juicy roasted pollock, the recipe allows for additional heating in the oven or in the microwave. This is if the pieces turned out large.In the microwave to warm covered. Such fish with pleasure are eaten by children with a side dish of mashed potatoes.

Pollock in sauce

For this we will need: a kilo of pollock fillet, onion, bay leaf, allspice, fish spices, parsley and dill, a spoonful of apple cider vinegar, fifty grams of butter, two tablespoons of flour, half a cup of sour cream, a spoon of chopped horseradish, two yolks, black pepper, sugar and salt.

How we will do it today

Kiss the onion, parsley and dill stalks (we will need some greens later), spice up the fish, salt and boil it with water (about half a liter). Boil portions of pollock fillet in this broth for ten minutes, after secondary boiling, reduce the heat to minimum. Take out the fish. Remove broth from heat. Heat the pan with butter and fry the flour on it until the first purchase of color, add sour cream, sugar, pepper, dilute the strained fish broth to the desired consistency of the sauce. Beat egg yolks with vinegar, horseradish, greens in a blender.fried pollock with onionsGently put in the sauce and remove from heat. Boiled pollock pour the resulting fragrant dressing, close tightly and leave for ten minutes to enrich the flavors. Serve with side dishes.

Grilled pollock. Recipe with onions

For this we will need: a kilogram of whole pollock, lemon, a glass of flour, three large onions, a little salt, freshly ground black and allspice, breadcrumbs, vegetable oil.

How we will do it today

Fish gut carefully, remove the tail, fins, head. Cut steaks. Pour the juice of whole lemon and rub with a small amount of salt (pollock is a sea fish, therefore it is already quite salty). Beat eggs with a mixer (with salt and pepper). Onions cut into thinnest rings. Marinate fish need about ten minutes, not more. Roll steaks thoroughly in flour, dip in egg mixture, breaded with breadcrumbs and fry in well heated oil - five minutes one side, three or four minutes the other. Previously, it is not necessary to turn over so as not to damage the coating. After removing the last steaks, drain the oil, wash the pan and heat it with a new one. Fry the onions to transparency and in some places to reddening, return the fish to the pan, add a few spoons of water, cover and stew for ten minutes. Serve with rice or potatoes.

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