Gurzo Sergey Sergeevich: talented in any role

It seemed that from childhood he would be absolutelyhappy child. Still - to be born in such a family and with such parents. But, despite the claims that nature decides to rest on the children of geniuses, this has not happened to him. He worked hard to achieve all that he had in his life. And all this he did himself, with his own hands. So, Gurzo Sergey Sergeevich, actor, director, screenwriter.


He was born on the second day of November 1947. Gurzo Sergey Sergeevichwas one of the children of twins: the parents were born twins - a girl and a boy. The boy was born a quarter of an hour before his sister.

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The girl was called Natasha. A boy named Seryozha, in honor of his father. In addition, the parents decided that the names of their children would start with the same letter as they did. And it happened.

Mom and dad

The parents of these charming children were actors- Nadezhda Vasilievna Samsonova and Sergei Safronovich Gurzo. Yes, yes, the same Gurzo, who in 1948 played Seryozhka Tyulenin in the Young Guard. Then it was his debut role, which gave him fame. Gerasimov has not lost: to choose for the role of Tyulenin the beginning actor Gurzo turned out to be one of the luck of this picture. All spectators, with bated breath, watched several times, as thanks to Tyulenin, the German stock exchange broke out and proudly bore the flag set by him over the city government on the night of November 7.

For this picture, the entire film crew waswas awarded the Stalin Prize of the first degree, and among the awarded was, of course, Sergei Gurzo. Over the years, the popularity of the artist has become incredible. But all his friends-comrades saw that this in no way affected the character and habits of Sergei. He never considered himself better than everyone else.

He was an amazingly sweet and charming man. He knew how to be friends, he was able to be a real, loyal friend, he knew how to appreciate friendship. His strength and enthusiasm always sufficed for everything conceived and for everyone who was close. But a moment came when suddenly something happened, there was a turning point in his life, in his consciousness and in his creative formation.

Unplayed roles

His track record has many interesting roles, butthere is one that he did not play, which he then long regretted. This is the role of Matvey Morozov, written specifically for Gurzo. But played it, Vyacheslav Tikhonov. And the reason is simple - alcohol. By the mid-fifties, this fascination turned into a disease, and the actor did not want to heal. He was invited less and less often.

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Nadezhda Vasilyevna was very worried about her husband. And for the fact that all this is happening in front of the children. In the late fifties, he left the family. Then there were families and children. He died in 1974, not surviving three days before his 48th birthday.

Getting to know your parents

Mom Sergey and Natalia somehow recalled that,as after the war, she came from the province to Moscow. I really wanted to become as famous as Lyubov Orlova. Examinations the girl has handed over. Classes only began when she first saw Sergei Gurzo the eldest. He entered the room with a wand in his hands, very slim. In the ears Nadezhda Vasilyevna suddenly heard a voice: "This is your future husband." She became ridiculous and she forgot about this episode.

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It's time and once in the dance classSergei circled her in a waltz. Since that day, they have not been separated. Sergei stunningly beautifully looked after. The downside was his constant jealousy. They were students of the second year, when he proposed to her in categorical form: either she marries him, or they disagree. In 1946 they were married. And the following year Sergei Sergeyevich Gurzo and Natalia Sergeevna Gurzo, brother and sister, appeared in a young family.

Continue the business of parents

The twins followed in the footsteps of Mom and Dad. She became actors. Gurzo Sergey Sergeevich, barely celebrating his eighteenth birthday, made his debut as Constantine in a truly heroic film story called "Odessa Vacations". In this picture we are talking about the very beginning of the war, about its first days, when all the fear and horror of what is happening is not yet experienced.

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Sergey Sergeevich Gurzo, biographywhich is not very well known to viewers,was so impressed with this work that he absolutely did not doubt the correctness of his choice. He will be a good actor! A little later, followed by other proposals for filming. There was a role in the family drama "A Man's Talk", a psychological detective "And no one else," a film story with the lyric title "Lovers".

Life after VGIK

Diploma on the completion of the acting faculty of VGIKGurzo Sergey Sergeevich, whose photo after the first paintings with his participation on the screens began to appear in print, was received in 1970. He studied in the studio of Boris Babochkin - the legendary Chapaev. For the decade that followed the graduation, he continued to act in films. Unfortunately, with the passage of time this happened less and less. In addition, mostly they were episodic roles. But there was one interesting, so to speak, family work: with their sister-twins Natalia Gurzo they worked in the television series "Golubka".

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Gurzo Sergey Sergeyevich starred in his life inmore than four dozen paintings. Among them are the interesting roles of Genka in The Man's Conversation, Viktor Somov in The Man in Its Place, Vaska Garkushi in The Long Path in the Labyrinth.

The nineties came. Actor Gurzo Sergey Sergeevichmanaged at such a difficult time to establish a studio"Segurt" (as if capturing his name and surname in the title). At this studio, he directed his pictures as a director. His films, such as "Rubber Woman" and "Ka-ka-do", differed from other characteristic for that difficult time acute social orientation and a very principled life position of the real filmmaker.

His sister Natalia, meanwhile, shone in the films "Garage", "Shore" and many others.

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