Haircut garcon for short hair

The most popular haircut, which does not disappear depending on the influence of fashion, is a haircut “like a boy”. It is popular among both women and men. The appearance of a haircut is obliged to distant times, when the transition from the classic female long hairstyle to shortened and expressive strands was simply inevitable.

Haircut garcon

Even in the last century, the French barber came up with this haircut, and from then until today it has not lost its popularity. Then, among the bourgeois and classical hairdressing, this haircut had the effect of a bomb. Condemned, but beloved, she firmly entered the arsenal of female beauty, giving the lady a sporty, naughty or strict look. It is easy to maintain and has many faces. Today, many fashionistas stop their choice on the haircut garcon.

haircut garcon

Original variations

Haircut garcon can fit in different variations, giving interesting images and moods. Classic haircuts differ in the form of styling - from perfectly smoothly combed hair to carelessly disheveled locks.

To give originality to such a classic haircut, they create a disheveled look or cut long strands or even angles. Such variations of haircuts violate the classic contour, giving the hairstyle individuality.

variations haircut garcon

Also very widely used is the ability to design bangs. It can be anything, in accordance with the tastes of the owner of the haircut, while the classic part is only the back of the hairstyle.

Creating a light romantic image or adding a light twist, they widely use all sorts of accessories for hair, ranging from decorative stealth and artificial flowers to rhinestones and weaving colored order.

To whom will go

Haircut "under the boy" and all its variations are short haircuts. Garson is a fairly universal haircut, however, due to the fact that the hair is cut short enough, there is a small limitation on choice.

Haircut garcon should not be selected for women with a round or square face. But if you still have the desire to cut your hair in this way, then to correct the shape of the face, choose haircut options with an asymmetric bang, which can correct the shape of the face and does not emphasize its shortcomings.

The ideal owners for it will be women with a triangular or oval face shape.For them there is no limit when choosing options. Haircuts will fit from the shortest forms to the bordering bob.

For hair with a curly structure, it is better to choose garcon with slightly elongated strands, so the natural waviness of the hair will be beautifully emphasized, you get a unique image without complicated styling.

Haircut garcon looks beautiful and straight hair, with the options for execution and styling it so varied that it is incalculable. The density of the hair for this haircut does not matter. It will look beautiful on thin hair, giving it pomp at the expense of short length, and thick, creating clear contours.

Haircut garcon is most suitable for business women and athletes who do not have enough time for complicated styling and the ability to care for long hair. In this case, such haircuts are chosen by both young girls and women in age.

Female garcon

Haircut is widespread in all segments of the population, among the fair sex of different nature and professional activity. This haircut is often chosen by athletes, business women, aged ladies, young girls with a playful disposition.

Women's haircut garcon is an excellent choice for the brave and confident women of the weaker sex. Ideally, it will look on fragile girls with a boyish figure. Garson well emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and the line of the cheekbones, the outlines of the bending of the neck and chin.

women's haircut garcon

Accordingly, women who want to hide the flaws of these parts of the face and head should not opt ​​for this hairstyle or choose variations with bangs, visually correcting these flaws. This haircut well masks the flaws in the shape of the skull. Creating volume at the top of the head, it balances the expressiveness of the nose. Also, creating a volume in the necessary places, can easily adjust the shape and volume of the face.

Male garcon

Men's haircut garcon is a classic version of a male haircut with unlimited possibilities of creating different images. Today, young guys choose the classic garcon with unconventional bangs: elongated, oblique, strongly milled, asymmetrical. They give the image a modern style, open to society a new look at the classic haircut garcon. You should not be limited in the choice of this hairstyle and experiments with variants of its execution,Since the male reading of a classic haircut can be very original and will emphasize the individuality of the image.

men's haircut garcon


Haircut is performed on wet hair, which is combed back and forth from the nape. The hair is divided into four main areas: occipital, parietal and two temporal. It is very easy to divide hair into parts: it is enough to hold one line from ear to ear, passing through the center of the back of the head, separating the occipital and parietal zones. In order to separate the temporal zones, it is necessary to draw symmetrical lines from the temples to the first line parallel to the floor.

Garson haircuts

Technique haircut garcon is cutting hair, starting from the back of the head, at an angle of 90 degrees to the head. For the classical version, the temporal zones begin to cut at the same angle, comparing with the long parietal part, but closer to the bottom the angle is reduced, the hair length is reduced to a shorter one. After the side and upper parts of the hair are trimmed, the same operation is performed from the back of the head to the neckline. Hair cut, bringing from the main length on the back of the head to a shorter length near the neck.

Haircut garcon performed in the technique of strand by strand.After all the strands are cut, the hair is combed towards the contours of the hairline and framed in the border. Yes, this haircut is desirable to do thinning, although this condition is not mandatory. This technique makes the lines more flowing, flowing into each other.

In haircuts garcon so wide variety is achieved by adjusting the length of the hair, the degree of filleting, various forms and length of bangs. Thus, haircut garcon acquires universal properties that allow it to be loved by all women and men, as well as widely used by hairdressers in creating unique images.

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