Hairstyles from braids. Weaving of braids: schemes, photo

Spit has been popular at all times. This hairstyle, contrary to stereotypes, is not only female, but also male. She decorated the head of a girl from Italy, Greece, Egypt, and in Ancient Russia there were whole rituals associated with braids.

The girls diligently grew long hair, braided them and wrapped around their heads. The girls tied bright ribbons into the braids, and married women did their hair in the form of a crown, which was covered with a warrior (headgear).

braids hairstyles

Modern look

In the modern world, the spit does not carry such sacred meaning as it did in antiquity, but it is a popular attribute of femininity, tenderness and natural beauty. And if earlier hair was braided in the classical way from three strands, then today there is a huge number of various methods.

Thanks to this, you can choose the appropriate version of the hairstyle of the braids for each image. Any girl can braid her hair in at least one way, and some manage to use several at once to remain unique every day.

Weaving with time becomes more and more creative and difficult. In addition to the fact that today there are hairstyles for girls from braids, adult respectable ladies can also choose for themselves the original version, suitable to their style.

Even many celebrities attract the attention of such original styling. Unusual pigtail hairstyles are often adorned from the head.

Features of weaving on hair of different lengths

Pigtails can be braided from any strands. The most popular hairstyles for long hair. They look very nice and original.hairstyles from two braids

Girls with such styling look feminine, elegant and elegant. In addition, it is practical and convenient. It is much easier to take care of braid hair.

It is completely simple to make hairstyles from braids for long hair, any girl can cope with this without turning to professional hairdressers. The main thing is to arm yourself with patience and get a little hand stuff. Remunerated effort in full. Owners of the braid hear a lot of compliments.

When creating hairstyles for long hair, braids can be woven in different ways. For example, from three, five and even seven strands.When braiding a braid on long hair, it is necessary to pay close attention to their ends, as they can get tangled.

Variations on the topic

Beautiful hairstyles from braids can also be braided on medium-length hair. And it is quite realistic to do this without help. Although in this case it is not always possible to use the whole variety of variants of braids. But a few refined and elegant styling create succeed.

In order for braids to hold their hair tightly, it is recommended to use various means for fixing hair: wax, gel, varnish.

Interesting fact

Incredibly, it is possible to weave braids even on short hair. And with a short haircut, there are several interesting hairstyles.

Weaving pigtails on short hair alone is quite problematic. Therefore, most likely, you will have to seek the help of professionals. The braids in this version must be braided as tightly as possible in order for them to retain their attractiveness and neat appearance longer.

Braid weaving methods

There is a huge selection of braiding patterns. Here are some of them:

• Classic Spit.

• French ("spikelet").

• "Waterfall".

• "Fish tail".

• Harness.

• Openwork braid.

• "Snake".

In addition to these, there are many other options for weaving. And also each of these methods has its own variations, among which you can choose hairstyles from braids for any length of hair.

For variety, you can weave ribbons, use gum, hairpins and even flowers. To create such an unusual beauty does not need to have a large amount of inventory. Enough hairbrushes and hair ties.

Pigtail hairstyles are well suited for everyday life and for significant events in life. You can create very beautiful options for prom or wedding.

Step by step scheme of weaving hairstyles from braids (photo)

The technique of weaving braids in general is the same, but for each type there are certain nuances. Here is the weaving of braids, the hairstyles of which look very impressive. And to cope with them thanks to these instructions will be quite easy.

Classic braid

hairstyles pigtails scheme

This is a spit version familiar from childhood. Her little girls learn to weave on dolls. Let's take a look at the instructions.

1. Good combed hair collected in the tail.

2We divide it into three symmetric strands.

3. We impose the right strand over the central so that it is between the left and the central.

4. Then we perform the same actions with the left strand.

5. Repeat the whole algorithm until we complete the braid.

6. End it should be secured with a hair tie, barrette or ribbon.

Classic weaving can be used in the basis of the hairstyle of two braids or several. For example, you can make a bundle of them. To do this, you need to tie a tail, divide it into two identical parts, each of which is braided into a classic braid. After that, twist them in a bundle and secure it with pins.

French braid

It is also called the spikelet. This type of weaving fits all. French braid is often the basis of hairstyles. It can trail from the neck, forehead, and even originate from the side, for example, at the temple. In the braid, you can weave a ribbon or use hairpins with flowers. Consider the instructions.

1. In order for hair not to be confused when weaving, they must be very well combed.

2. Determine in which part of the head you will begin to weave a braid. At this point, take a small strand.Break it down into three commensurate parts.

3. Begin to weave should be the same as the classic pigtail, alternately imposing the left and right strands over the center.

4. Next, take the right strand, flip it over the center and add to it a small portion of unused hair on the right side.

5. Repeat the same with the left strand and loose curls on the left side.

6. Continue to weave the braid in this way until all hair is used.

7. After that, use the classical braid method.

8. Secure the end with a barrette or rubber band.hairstyles for girls from braids

Spit "waterfall"

This is one of the most spectacular hairstyles from braids. She gives the image of the girl romance, femininity and tenderness.

1. Take a small part of the hair on the side of the face and begin to weave a French braid, while constantly needing to release the lower strands. Instead of each of them, take a new one of the same volume. It is advisable to take almost from under the strands that have just been released.

2. Next, weave according to this pattern until the desired length is reached.

3. Then reach the tips of the hair according to the scheme of the classic pigtail, and finally fix it with a thin elastic band.


Another fashionable braid that looks best on long hair. Usually plait weave of two strands, but it looks more interesting when it consists of three. To create this beauty takes quite a bit of time, five minutes is enough.

1. Collect all the hair in the tail.

2. Divide them into two equal parts.

3. Twist each strand clockwise around your finger until elastic strands are obtained.

4. Twist both strands between them counterclockwise.

Openwork Spit

This option helps to create a unique romantic image. Perfect for a date.

1. Moisten the hair slightly with a spray or mousse. Due to this hairstyle will look more accurate.

2. Divide the hair into three equal parts and braid a classic braid.

3. After the second overlap on both sides, gently pull the strands. So that they look like weightless lace. Pull strands need as much as possible, as far as the length allows.

4. Fix each of them with hairspray.

5. Weave this way to the tips, then fasten the pigtail with an elastic band.hairstyles for long hair pigtails

Scythe "snake"

This type of pigtail is very beautiful, emphasizes the fragility and tenderness of the girl.

1. Take a strand near the temple and divide it into three parts.

2Begin to braid the French braid. At the same time move the side strands under the center, and not on it. Spit is done to the opposite ear.

3. Next, change the direction and continue to weave.

4. Tighten the end with a rubber band.

If the weave is not very tight, then you can stretch the strands, as when creating an openwork braid, then the "snake" will turn out to be more voluminous.

"Fish tail"

This type of braid is especially suitable for owners of medium-length hair. Weaving it will not be difficult. It's all about training. Consider the instructions.

1. Divide all hair into two equal parts.

2. Take a small curl from the left strand on the outside and shift it to the inside of the right. Then repeat the same action with the right side.

3. Continue weaving the braid in this way until it reaches the required length.braiding hairstyles

And finally

If you want to learn how to make beautiful hairstyles, pigtails, diagrams and instructions will help you with this.

To create an unusual styling requires considerable patience. But the beautiful image, which will turn out in the end, will meet your expectations and give you a good mood for the whole day.

We can say that the ability to weave a variety of hairstyles from braids is a great contribution to creating your own style.What gives the opportunity to look spectacular and elegant every day.beautiful hairstyles from braids

Summing up, it is useful to state that the braid is a universal hairstyle. She does not just decorate the girl's hair, but creates a sophisticated image for all occasions.

That is why today is becoming increasingly popular braiding. Hairstylescreated in this way, especially attract the attention of others.

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