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Happy woman


happy woman

In life there are men who want to be a woman.Not strong and bold, but light, relaxed, calm and gentle.

Do not run after someone or from someone, but walk smoothly and confidently in high heels, straightening your shoulders and lifting your head to the sky and the sun's rays.

And yes, wearing these same heels is not to appear taller, slimmer, and not to draw attention to oneself, but because it is simply beautiful.And he, who is walking nearby, likes it.

Maxi dresses and mini dresses, tight, flowing, delicate and bold - but not necessarily dresses. Because you are a girl.

Because at last you can afford to be a girl. You can drink wine, laugh without ceasing, tell all sorts of nonsense that just came up in your head, act like a child, act up, not stop or sharply joke.

And you can just be silent, and having closed hands in the wrist, look into his eyes and swim in happiness.

You can afford everything and not be afraid of anything and be yourself.Because he is dear, and you love him. And he fell in love with you for a long time, and not just like that “for beauty”, but just because of all these crazy things.You breathe the same air with him, you wither with him among the clouds.

And most importantly, when you hug him, you feel an incredible warmth and the beat of his heart is given in your stomach. Hug him again, right now.

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