Harvest for the winter sorrel canned

How pleasant it is in the middle of a gray cold winter to plungein a sunny green summer. To do this, you can take a vacation and jerk for a week in some hot country, and you can do with less expenses and cook for dinner a real wonderful summer soup using sorrel canned. Of course, in order for him to appear in the house at the right time, it will be necessary to take care of this in advance. After all, sorrel grows in the very beginning of summer, when the tender sun is already beginning to burn, from the end of May to the beginning of June. It is during this period and it is necessary to collect this plant, which has a pleasant sourness and imparts an unforgettable summer aroma cooked from it.how to preserve sorrel for the winter

How to preserve sorrel for the winter? The process itself does not cause any difficulties. The main thing is the correct treatment of the leaves before the procedure. In order to make the sorrel canned, which will remain until the winter, and maybe even longer, in the first place it must be washed very carefully. If you do this procedure not very carefully and leave some dirt, then there is a high probability of reproduction of viruses and bacteria that abound in the surface of the leaves. Therefore, the process of treatment must begin with washing, reviewing them one at a time. It should remove all unnecessary: ​​foreign leaves, grass, accidentally got there insects. In order to get off all the dirt you did not notice, you need to pour the leaves of the sorrel with cold water and leave them to soak for half an hour. During this time, the leaves must be completely cleansed. While you can prepare the banks, properly sterilized them, for example, a couple. Covers from them will need to be treated with boiling water right before roll-up.

Clearing the contamination of future sorrelcanned, we proceed to give it the form in which it will be stored. Cut it can be any, in your choice, way. Some landladies can completely preserve the leaves of the sorrel, but I think that it is better to grind them all the way - so much more will fit into the jar. You can store sorrel in the form of mashed potatoes, but most often it is cut into a soup. Now you should put everything in the cans to start preparing canned sorrel, the recipe of which you choose at your discretion. To stack it is necessary very densely.canned sorrel recipe

The last step in canning is fillingcans of water. Here you have to make a choice, because there are several ways. When heat treated, the leaves will lose color and will look the same as in the soup. The advantages of any particular of these methods have nothing to say - they all allow the sorrel to survive for a very long time.

So, the first way is to fill the banks up toa neck with hot water, can be slightly salted. Be careful, make sure that the containers do not burst from the temperature drop. Avoid direct contact of water with the walls of the jar during filling.

The second way: pour layers of leaves with salt and pour cold water. This produces a very salty sorrel canned. Do not forget about it when you cook soup!

When using the following method, it is necessary to pour the leaves with chilled boiled water. After that you need to close the lid.

Well, the last known method is to pour sorrel with a mixture of water, salt and vinegar. On a liter of water should take about 50 grams of vinegar and a tablespoon of salt.sorrel canned

As you can see, all methods are simple, accessible, to be exact, practically free. Using any of them, you will get your piece of summer in the middle of winter, boiling a wonderful soup according to your favorite recipe.

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