Health and comfort of your child: choose baby underwear for girls

Every sane and loving parentunderstands that for the child, his immature, emerging body, you need not only a special diet, a healthy regime of the day, but also clothing, including underwear, which will meet the main requirements of aesthetic and sanitary and hygienic standards.

What to base the choice of children's underwear?

So, baby underwear for girls should match such requests:

  • baby underwear for girlsInteresting design, beautiful design. Why? First of all, because from early childhood, certain aesthetic criteria and tastes are laid and formed in the child. Bright, cheerful colors of fabrics increase the emotional tone of the child, emphasize positive feelings and feelings, contributing to the formation of a mentally stable, optimistic person. In addition, if a child from infancy, even in small things, is surrounded by beautiful things, thereby from the first years of his life develops his understanding and sense of beauty, the ability to notice the beauty around him. Because even baby underwear for girls, for example, panties and T-shirts, decorated with all sorts of ryushikami, cuffs, circles, give the baby the opportunity to feel unusual, interesting, attractive. Thus, in the girl of childhood, the concept of femininity, charm is laid, and this is so important for the formation of a harmonious female personality.
  • kids clothesNatural fabrics. Children's underwear for girls must necessarily be made from materials based on flax or cotton. It should be noted that the skin of the child, especially the underarm and groin area, is very sensitive, tender, prone to diaper rash. The risk of irritation increases with the active lifestyle of the child, including during the hot season. A linen jersey without synthetic impurities will allow the body to breathe, protect against excessive sweating and allergic reactions.
  • Type of seams and style. Baby underwear for girls of the infant period is better to choose with outer seams. Excellent fit and seamless knitwear. It protects the skin from rubbing and damage. Also, the panties should not be too tight for the body, and the elastic - to press. Otherwise, the baby, and older girls, may have problems - from pain in the tummy to blood flow disorders or stagnation of blood flow in the pelvic organs, which in no way is not permissible. Therefore, the most convenient is the style "slip" of cotton with a small amount of elastin. Such baby clothes is well "sitting" on the body, comfortable, comfortable and will not hurt the child. As for adolescence, then, of course, the young lady wants to have among the gizmos intimate wardrobe and panties-thongs, and bikini, and tanga. They are necessary for this or that type and style of clothing. However, for everyday wear such models are not recommended, they can be worn from time to time and not for long.
  • underwear for childrenAll of the above characterizes the underwearfor children in general. Ie, based on these parameters, you can buy knitwear for boys, with the only difference being that the colors of the fabrics can be "quieter," more rigidly, they can be dominated by darker shades, and ornaments in the form of necks, of course, are absent. Another common requirement - the strength of the laundry, color fastness, high degree of wear resistance. By the way, if pajamas, T-shirts, panties, T-shirts during washing, it is better to leave them immediately, do not allow contact with the body of the child. Chemical paints on fabrics can be aggressive and cause allergies or more serious skin diseases.
  • Underwear for children should be purchased byseasons: in the cold season, from denser tissues, so that it warms the body, in the summer - from the lighter, thin, so that the kids or teenagers were not hot in it.

Girls' brasbras for girls

About the fact that we live in the age of acceleration, physiciansthey started talking for a long time. Therefore, sexual development in children begins almost in the early adolescence. By the time 11 girls start growing mammary glands, they need bras. Choose a bra should be on tight straps, preferably a seamless style or with neat sutures. The inner side of the cups should be hygroscopic materials.

Upgrade children's underwear wardrobe shouldquite often, tk. things have to be washed often. Be sure to wash the jersey after washing. Wash preferably not with powders, but with soap - household or children's, rinse very carefully.

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Health and comfort of your child: choose baby underwear for girls Health and comfort of your child: choose baby underwear for girls Health and comfort of your child: choose baby underwear for girls Health and comfort of your child: choose baby underwear for girls Health and comfort of your child: choose baby underwear for girls Health and comfort of your child: choose baby underwear for girls