State program "Healthy Nation - Healthy Russia": description and features

Formation of a healthy lifestyle is consideredpriority in most countries of the world. The Russian Federation is no exception here. Most recently, in our country, the program "Healthy Nation - Healthy Russia" was adopted. The main goal of the program is the formation of respectful attitude towards one's health, mental and physical shape among the compatriots. To achieve the goal was set a goal to make a healthy lifestyle truly prestigious and fashionable. In what ways do lawmakers try to implement the program? This will be discussed in the article.

"Healthy Nation - Healthy Russia": General Characteristics

The program is a specifica set of activities aimed at socio-economic and demographic development through the modernization of the health care system. A special place in the program is given to the financing of medicine.

Legislators call the program "the beginningglobal changes. "According to government officials, health centers have begun to open in Russia, the insurance system is being transformed, and domestic medicine is being modernized.

The project "Healthy Nation - Healthy"Russia "is more aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles According to statistics provided by health authorities, human health is 50% dependent on lifestyle, and only 10% on the quality of medicine." Is this approach correct? the developers of the program advocate prevention, and treatment, for which medicine is responsible, goes to the background.

What is the program for?

Many citizens may ask aboutthe relevance of the program presented. Why finance a system whose main purpose is to promote healthy lifestyles? Really Russians do not know enough about the importance of taking care of themselves? Unfortunately, the population of our country does not give priority to physical culture and sports, and therefore there really is a need for the program.

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Program developers understand that the majorityof the population transfers responsibility for their own condition to the health care system, which in this case is an external factor. Indeed, the domestic medicine leaves much to be desired. However, citizens themselves must periodically take care of their health. It is necessary to get rid of bad habits and pay more attention to physical activity, and the "Healthy Nation" project will help in this.

The main directions of the program

The project "Healthy Nation - Healthy Russia" has the following directions:

  • Training of professionals in the medical field,who could take part in the implementation of recreational activities, as well as programs aimed at creating a healthy lifestyle among the population.
  • Preparation of information and communication programs, the purpose of which is to deny people from smoking, alcohol and other bad habits.
  • Formation of large-scale programs that can betogether with various public institutions. This, for example, church, state, public, business and other types of communities.healthy nation the future of russia

With a view to the early implementation of thedirections the creators of the project "Healthy Nation - Healthy Russia" do not bring the most rosy statistics. For example, in Russia the life expectancy between men and women varies significantly - by 13 years on average. I must say that no other country in the world can "boast" such a break. The program developers associate this with increased cases of alcoholism and drug addiction among men.

Tasks of the program

The program appeared in 2009. Her slogan was the saying "Health is your concern." The company has a lot of industries, among which "Sober Russia is a healthy nation", "Body Culture" and much more. At the same time, all programs are united in their desire to implement the following tasks:

  • constant information to citizens about dangerous and harmful to health factors;
  • the formation of the principles of "responsible parenthood";
  • individual and group propaganda of disease prevention, rejection of bad habits, formation of responsible attitude to health, etc .;
  • evaluation of adaptive and functional reserves of the body, taking into account the age of people, their state of health;
  • counseling on health promotion and preservation;
  • giving recommendations on the correction of nutrition, physical activity, sleep regimen, etc.

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The program developers advise going to the doctor as often as possible - not only to treat specific diseases, but also for routine prevention.

The project "So cool"

The state program "Healthy Russia" hasyour site. This project is "So cool" - the official information resource of "Healthy Russia". On the site you can find a lot of useful information about proper nutrition, exercise, useful habits and much more. All materials are thoroughly tested by leading specialists involved in Russian public health. Published information contains accurate information that will be useful for people of all ages.

sober Russia is a healthy nation

The project does not have an advertising department, but to find itcan be on any close value: for example, "Healthy Nation - the Future of Russia". The creators of the site assure that they are realists. Uneasy living conditions, long winter, special traditions - all these are inalienable features of our state. The project will certainly help to add a few years of a happy life.

Structure of the program

The program "Healthy Nation - Healthy Russia" was approved by the Expert Advisory Council of the Russian Federation under the Chairman of the lower house of Parliament. The project is divided into 11 main areas:

  • rational and proper nutrition;
  • useful rest and rational work;
  • correct mode of rest and work;
  • optimal motor mode;
  • rational use of free time;
  • personal hygiene, hardening;
  • active longevity;
  • sexual culture and family planning;
  • prevention of bad habits;
  • control of health;
  • rules of psychohygiene.

Responsibility for the program is assumed by Rospotrebnadzor, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, as well as the Academy of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Conducting meetings

On October 8, 2015, the largest meeting of program developers was held. The following officials took part in the work of the Congress:

  • Tyunyaev Andrey is the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "President".
  • Zhuravleva Nadezhda is the chairman of the Moscow Medical Chamber, the head of the congress.
  • Bessonov Alexey - the head of the scientific medical center "LIDO", the honored doctor of Russia, one of the developers of the program "Healthy Nation".
  • From the Ministry of Health of Russia - Lukin Vladimir. Polar explorer, scientist-oceanologist.
  • Boris Leonov is president of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences).

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A lot of reports were read at the meeting. As a result of the congress, a conclusion was made on the need for further development of the program, support for presidential initiatives and modernization of the work on improving the nation. It should be noted that such congresses are occasionally formed at the present time.

Program implementation mechanism

"A healthy nation - a happy Russia" works on several mechanisms. They help to solve the tasks and achieve certain goals.

One of the mechanisms of work is the system ofCenters for healthy eating. Such Centers are in all Russian districts. Their main responsibility is to disseminate information about proper and useful nutrition. In addition, the Centers develop different methods for individual citizens: depending on the age, the type of disease, the characteristics of the organism, and so on.program healthy russia healthy nation

Of course, there are many other mechanisms. For example, the movement "Sober Russia" is functioning thanks to the work of some government and private bodies. There are also federal projects and movements that help in achieving program objectives.

Principles and activities

What are the principles and ideas of the Healthy Nation program? Prosperity of Russia, according to the project developers, is possible only if the following principles are observed:

  • ensuring human health as a basic public and government principle;
  • respect for productive cooperation of financial, business, cultural and labor resources for the recovery of the nation;
  • recognition of human health as a phenomenon that acts as a prerequisite for human survival in an unfavorable ecological environment;
  • recognition of the inseparable link between human health and the social quality of life.

The main activities recorded in the program are the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the modernization of Russian medicine.

Expected results

What results do you expect from the program?developers? In short, this is an increase in the standard of living. For this, a high-quality system of enlightenment, propaganda and education must be formed. It is necessary to monitor the continuous modernization of medical services, the coordination of the activities of various organs, the rational nutrition of the population, etc.

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Reach such a complex and important goal ashealth improvement of the population is very difficult. That is why for the implementation of the program in question it is necessary to attract labor, financial, cultural, educational and other types of resources. Direct partnerships should be ensured in achieving and shaping high-quality socio-economic policies. The main source of financial support is proactive. This, in fact, is about self-financing. However, in the near future the state will allocate more and more sums for the development of the program. As a result, a significant part of the financing of the project “Healthy Nation - the Future of Russia” should be the responsibility of the Government.

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