Historical Painting

Painting conveys visual images of events andphenomena by applying a paint on a flexible or hard substrate. Historical painting - a popular genre of art, which is dedicated to various historical figures and events, as well as important phenomena in the life of entire states. Sometimes some pictures can distort the real face of time, while violating various principles of realism.

Very often historical painting can beis represented by works in which various genres of this art intertwine. So, for example, in such paintings there can be historical and everyday scenes (everyday genre), portrayed figures of past centuries, portraits of compositional subjects (portrait genre). Often in historical painting one can see landscapes of the past. Painting with the battle genre is very closely connected (historical military events are depicted). Any of these areas is unique and can occupy a special place in the visual arts.

Over time, the evolution of this genre occurred, which was due to the emergence of a scientific view of history.

Historical painting began to develop in the Renaissance and included various subjects on mythological and biblical themes. Such paintings depicted important events of the past centuries.

The most famous representative of the historicalgenre is considered to be AP. Losenko (1737-1773). He created the first painting on the national theme "Vladimir and Rogneda" (18th century). The creation of any picture of this genre is preceded by a thought-out of the plot canvas, history, and also the linking of the work itself to historical themes to various facts and events.

Any picture of this genre is considered a fantasyartist about the historical past. The events displayed on the canvas can be fictitious. Very often artists take as a basis the historical fact and supplement it with their imagination. For the same event, different authors may have opposing views, so you can not study history from the paintings of artists. For this it is necessary to read specialized literature.

At its core, historical painting givespreference for drawing. In the sketches of paintings there is a vibrant color. The volume of the figures is created by the means of light and shade. Uniqueness of works of a historical nature gives a special coloring.

In the painting of this genre, an internalcolor gradation. Sculptural palpability in the paintings is given to almost all bodies. This technique is carried out with a mixture of olive, dark brown and gray colors, which allow you to recreate the most realistic images.

Depending on which item is neededto capture on the canvas, different genres of paintings. In the fine arts, there is a distinction between high and low genres. The first include the battle, religious, allegorical, mythological historical genres. Low displays different patterns of everyday life, for example, still life, portrait, animalism, landscape.

The most common in historical paintingis considered a battle genre in which scenes of military operations are present. It depicts military campaigns, battles, the triumph of victory, the glorification of military prowess, etc.

The most popular is also themythological genre in painting, which narrates about various myths and legends of ancient peoples. Religious genre is based on stories and small episodes from the Bible.

Separate attention deserves the Russianhistorical painting, which includes a huge number of canvases of great artists who have shown increased attention to the heroic deeds of ordinary people and the fate of the people. A vivid representative of this genre can be considered Surikov VI, whose works rightly refer to immortal classical paintings.

Historical painting is considered a golden fund of culture and history.

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