Hotel Mehari Hammamet 5 *, Tunisia, Hammamet: tourists reviews

Tunisia is one of the perfect exotic countries for holidays. People come here not only for tanning, but also for the realization of sightseeing tourism. Numerous sights, ancient cities and rich history of these regions attracts tourists from all over the world. The five-star Mehari Hammamet Hotel is a great option for those who want to relax near the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

general characteristics

Hotel Mehari Hammamet Thalasso & Spa 5 * was built at the end of the last millennium, namely in 1999. During its existence, it has been repeatedly upgraded, expanded and updated. The main four-storey building, a spacious park area and an outdoor swimming pool are located on a total area of ​​28,000 square meters. Well-groomed alleys, lush palm trees and bright flower beds are what pleases the eye of guests strolling around the hotel grounds. The main building is equipped with elevators, the facade of the building is made in the national style. The last global renovation is in 2008.

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Convenient location - important, but not the only advantage of this institution. You can reach the airport within an hour. The distance of 40 km separates travelers from the nearest international airport. Such a short transfer after the flight does not bother the new arrivals, but only provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the beauty of these lands. You can reach the city center in 10 minutes.

General rules

Check-in begins at two in the afternoon. Pets are not allowed. For smoking there are specially equipped areas. The hotel provides all the conditions for accommodation of people with disabilities. These rooms have special bathrooms and larger doorways. The hotel staff is polite, attentive, ready to help at any moment. Extra beds are available on request. When paying for services it is possible to use bank cards.

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Number of rooms

A high level of comfort will allow you to remember the rest in the walls of the hotel Mehari Hammamet for many years. The number of rooms includes 213 rooms of the standard category.Some of them have a view of the sea, from the windows of the others a view of a picturesque garden. The ergonomic arrangement of the furniture set makes the rooms spacious and bright, which favorably affects relaxation and enjoyment.

Each room at the Mehari Hammamet (Golden Yasmin) 5 * is equipped with a balcony or a private terrace. For aesthetic balance the walls are hung with paintings. On the floor - carpet. The interior is presented in a classic style, where modern elements of decor are applied. The design used pastel colors in combination with a rich blue color.

Those interested can order food and drinks in the room, as well as delivery of the press and correspondence. Wake-up service is available, which will awaken holidaymakers at the scheduled time. Daily restoring order allows the chambers to remain always fresh and clean. In the numerous reviews left by tourists, no complaints about cleanliness were recorded.

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For a comfortable overnight stay and accommodation there is everything you need. The technical side is serviceable and modern. There is air conditioning, which creates a favorable microclimate in the room in accordance with changes in weather conditions. Having a TV will brighten up the quiet evenings.Stay informed of all the events will allow the Russian-language channels that are broadcast in the hotel. You can resolve any issue with the help of a phone that connects tourists to the reception. The use of the safe is extra paid.

The furniture set is represented by a standard double bed, bedside tables, a table, a wardrobe and a chair. A nice addition is the coffee table and easy chair. The room has a mini fridge. Wireless Internet access is distributed throughout.

The bathroom is decorated with ceramic tiles. Here there is a constantly updated set of personal hygiene products, hair dryer, sink and mirror.


The spacious swimming pool is surrounded by sun beds with umbrellas. Inside it are islands with palm trees. The water in it is fresh, heated by the scorching rays of the sun. Here you can swim, play water polo or enjoy the air baths.

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Supply system

For their guests the hotel complex Mehari Hammamet offers meals for different systems: board or half board. You can use the system All Inclusive. The choice is made at check-in.Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the buffet-style restaurant “Coral”. The variety of dishes served will certainly surprise both young guests and adults. The interior is decorated in classic style. Stylish serving, expensive decorations and professionalism of chefs are the main advantages of this establishment, which are noted by the guests in their reviews about Mehari Hammamet 5 *.

There are restaurants, the order of dishes which is carried out using the menu. Visiting them is prohibited in swimsuits and flip flops. Reservation is required. You can quench the feeling of light hunger in the Andalusian restaurant and bar “Carthage”. For the convenience of visiting restaurants with children, they were equipped with high chairs.

Vacationers, according to their numerous reviews, are pleased with the beach bar, where you can taste unusual and exotic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Bottled drinks and fresh juice are subject to additional charges.

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Beach area

The main objectives of those who flew to Tunisia differ. Someone eager for excursions and vibrant nightlife, and for someone like swimming in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.You can get to the beach in a matter of minutes, because the hotel Mehari Hammamet 5 * (Tunis, Hammamet) is 2 lines from the shore. The length of the golden sand is 800 m. For a comfortable sunbathing there are sun loungers with soft bedding and umbrellas for those who want to hide from the sun. Towels are provided free of charge.

The entrance to the water is gentle, which attracts tourists with children. Children can frolic on the beach under the supervision of parents with safety for their health. The list of infrastructure includes changing rooms and showers, a bar and lifeguard service.

Beach leisure

Among the many attractions that are available here, diving and water skiing are especially popular. Immerse yourself on the seabed and get acquainted with the beauty of the underwater world - an activity that is accessible to both beginners and professionals. Surfing, canoeing and parasailing following the boat will give a lot of drive and adrenaline to the rest. Not less in demand walks on yachts and boats. The guests can be active on the volleyball court, which gathers sunbathers for the game and new acquaintances every day.

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Children's leisure

About the hotel Mehari Hammamet 5 * (Tunisia), positive reviews are often left by tourists who came to rest with their children. They claim that within the walls of the hotel complex, every child will plunge into the world of fairy tales and rest. Here there are all the conditions for the children to have fun, frolic and develop. During the day, they can visit the children's mini club, which is open to visitors between the ages of four and twelve. Here you can play with various toys, board games or watch cartoons. The bright design of the room and comfortable furniture have fun and intense pastime. Qualified teachers will hold cooking classes, creative activities and fun games.

There is a playground with slides, houses and swings in the open air. Grass cover and rubberized rugs under the carousels make babies play safe. Happiness and joy are given to the children by a cheerful animation team, which is daily reincarnated into different favorite characters.

You can leave your child under the supervision of a nanny who will take care of the baby for an additional fee.This service, as noted by holidaymakers with children, is very popular and allows parents to relax in full. Strollers are available for rent. In the rooms, beds are available upon request. Restaurants are equipped with tables for feeding.

Kids spend the lion's share of their leisure time in the children's pool. Shallow depth and the water quickly warmed by the sun allow them to frolic in comfortable conditions.


Tourists claim that the time spent within the walls of this hotel will be varied and rich. Great mood and getting new emotions by travelers is the main task set for employees for the upcoming season. You can diversify leisure by playing darts, billiards and table tennis. In a cozy room you can play board games: chess and checkers. There is a tennis court with hard surface, for the game on which rackets and balls are provided free of charge. Payment requires only coverage and coach lessons if necessary. Nearby is a horse riding center and a golf course.

In the evening, every guest can be filled with positive emotions in the hotel’s amphitheater,where a talented animation team offers guests a perky show program and fun performances with competitions. As vacationers say, everyone has fun here: from small to large. After, adults can go to the disco, the entrance to which is free.

Every day holidaymakers are pleased with live music, which has a positive effect on the health of resort visitors. Sauna, jacuzzi and Turkish bath are visited by the guests. You can experience the feeling of real relaxation in the hands of a talented massage therapist who will easily rejuvenate the clients body for a fee. The masters of the beauty salon will create a beautiful image for every visitor.

For lovers of outdoor activities, bicycle rental and aerobics classes are provided, which take place in the fitness center. There are also exercise machines and treadmills. Gambling guests can try to catch luck by the tail in a nearby casino.

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Additional services

To satisfy the requests and wishes of the guests is the main task of any hotel complex, the solution of which will allow to gain regular customers and positive reviews. Hotel Mehari Hammamet offers a wide range of related services, one of which is a transfer.Highly qualified drivers will help you get to the airport on time.

There are conference rooms and meeting rooms for meetings. The capacity of the largest conference hall is 350 people. Chic interiors, expensive furniture and modern appliances will allow you to hold a business event at a decent level. Office supplies and coffee breaks are easily implemented within the walls of this institution.

An unprecedented delight leads guests uncounted number of souvenir shops, where you can buy interesting and unusual souvenirs. You can contact the laundry or use the dry cleaning and ironing service at any time of the day. If the guests are unwell, the responsible reception staff will certainly call the doctor. In the central hall there is a currency exchange office and a tour desk.

Thanks to working photographers, anyone can capture their vacation for a long memory. Unique pictures of enthusiastic emotions - only a few that will be displayed photo.

As many tourists say, car rental is very popular in these parts, which can be rented at the reception.Car parking does not require prior booking and is free of charge. For an additional fee, you can visit the internet cafe.

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