Hotel Roma Hotel 4 (Egypt): reviews and tourist photos

Roma Hotel 4 is a hotel that can simultaneously be called a beach and city hotel. It is located in the middle of the resort area of ​​New Hurghada. This hotel, of course, is not a luxurious palace, but many who have visited there like it. Previously, it was called "Premium Roma Hotel." Judging from the descriptions of tourists, as well as the photos they made, this is a good budget "four". Roma Hotel 4, reviews of which we summarize in this article, is quite an interesting hotel for budget holidays. No frills, but does not cause any complaints. It is considered the best central hotel in this resort. It will allow you to plunge into the entertainment of Hurghada, have a great time on the beach, and see the stunning places, as well as relax from the hustle and healthier. Connoisseurs of travel recommend it to those who have a convenient location and proximity to entertainment and the sea prefers "seal rest" in the fabulous palaces.Roma hotel 4

How to get to the hotel

To arrive at the hotel Roma Hotel Hurghada 4, you must first of all, fly to Egypt.Flight time depends on the company, but on average it takes about four to five hours to get from Moscow to Hurghada airport. On the shuttle bus to the hotel go about ten minutes. Independent tourists rarely come here, because this is the capital of organized recreation - Hurghada. Hotel Roma Hotel 4, as a rule, receives guests on the buses of tour operators who cooperate with it, and arranges a transfer without any problems. But if you are by car, then getting to the place for you is not difficult. The location of the hotel is also good due to the fact that if you go on excursions, you are taken first, as well as brought back. So in this you will not feel any discomfort.

Location What is nearby

From Hurghada airport to the hotel Roma Hotel 4 - about six kilometers, so that the transfer will not be too tiring. To the sea to go about two hundred meters. The old Hurghada is about six kilometers. Tourists call the location of the hotel wonderful. It is located at the end of the famous Sheraton Street. This district is called Sakkala. It is near the port and the marina promenade. Shopping streets, discos of Hurghada - all this immediately outside the walls of the hotel.No need to ride the bus, you can walk in the evenings. Right at the entrance is the Abu Ashara supermarket and Cleopatra store with fixed prices. There you can buy water, dairy products, sweets. Tourists write that the hotel is located in the epicenter of all local entertainment, not far from the most popular clubs and discos in Hurghada. The two closest ones are Kontiki and Calypso. Near the hotel there is a Polish cafe, where, according to the rating of tourists, there is the best hookah in the city. They also understand Russian there, so it will be easy to explain.Roma hotel 4 Hurghada

District New Hurghada

They say that the local coast - this is one of the first Egyptian resorts, which first began to take foreigners to rest. This means that Hurghada has the best beaches in Egypt. On the other hand, most hotels are not new. This must be remembered when you are going to rest in Egypt. Hotel Roma Hotel 4 is a classic “four” of this type, which is located in the center of the New Hurghada district. The old village is called El Dazhar. New is built specifically for holidaymakers. He is called Sakkala. This is where our hotel Roma Hotel Hurghada 4 is located.Reviews about it are very different, but the main highlight, which is noted by literally everyone who lived in a hotel, is the location on the main shopping street Sheraton. There are many hotels here, but not all of them have real beaches with clean sand and sea. Many "bathe" tourists in artificial lagoons, because of which the water there is muddy. But in “Roma” the beach is real, the water is very clean. The hotel also boasts its own coral reef, which in Sakkala enough. This district got its name from the central square of this new resort. Its symbol was the building “Duty Free”, which resembles the pyramid of pharaohs in architecture. Mostly all the tourists coming to Hurghada to Sakkala rush to buy souvenirs. Recently, modern supermarkets have also been opened here - for example, the well-known Metro chain. The restaurant "El Joker" is also the terminal station of minibuses, where it is convenient to get to both the old Hurghada and other areas. This can significantly reduce the cost of your vacation, if you choose not very distant excursions. After all, a taxi will cost you much more.Roma hotel 4 reviews

Territory and infrastructure

Hotel Roma Hotel 4 is located in a large white five-story building. It is quite an interesting interior. On the ground floor there is a fountain. In the elevator - musical accompaniment. You can enter the building from two sides: from Sheraton and the beach, and from the Russian diving club "Sadko". There is a big beautiful hall where there are a lot of cozy sofas and armchairs. The hotel was built in 1999. In 2011 there was a facelift. In addition, in 2012 and 2013 underwent a small renovation. The territory as such is not in the hotel, but it’s urban. Although there are beautiful and well-groomed green areas. Nevertheless, the area of ​​the hotel is quite large. It is stipulated that many entertainments can be found literally a few steps from the entrance. The hotel provides guests with convenient parking. In the courtyard is a swimming pool. The building has a shopping mall with several shops, shops and boutiques, where you can buy Egyptian souvenirs, perfumes, beach stuff, masks with tubes, cosmetics and everything you need to rest. The hotel can exchange currency without leaving the city banks. There is also a seminar room - large, spacious, designed for two hundred people, with all modern media equipment.Mostly there are animators shows and various entertainment programs. Although, it happens that evening entertainment is held in bars or the lobby. The hotel is quiet enough that many vacationers mark as an additional plus. On the first floor is the administration and reception.Roma hotel 4 hurghada

Accommodation vacationers

The hotel Roma Hotel 4 one hundred thirty-nine standard rooms of twenty nine meters and eight suites. The latter is eighty-four square meters, with two bedrooms. Rooms all with balconies. Rooms on the lower floors have access to a shared terrace. There are lounge chairs. Many rooms have good views of the sea (at least side) or the pool. The apartments are quite decent. Great beds. The TV has two Russian channels. There is a fridge. The rooms are clean, cleaned well. Everything sparkles, especially in the bathroom. It is spacious, stone, there is a bidet. Liquid soap, shampoo and shower gel is poured regularly, but if you forget, you can remind. There is a hairdryer, but you need to specifically request it in the lobby. Plumbing, of course, not new, but quite normal to use. Towels are changed after two days, linen - several times a week.If you communicate well with the staff, you will see various beautiful figures on the bed. They give a lot of towels - for one person for five pieces. Everything works properly in the room, the water is hot and cold around the clock. There are family rooms. If there are any problems, they call repairmen, and everything is fine again. In-room safe free. Suites have a living room and a mini-kitchen.Roma hotel 4 hurghada reviews


In addition to the main restaurant where all-inclusive and half-board services are served, Roma Hotel 4 (Hurghada) has two more a la carte restaurants. These are Italian and Oriental taverns. The hotel has four bars - by the pool, on the beach, at the disco and in the lobby, as well as a decent coffee shop. The restaurant is cozy. Tourists write that for the Egyptian Quartet, the local food is very good. Breakfast starts at seven in the morning and continues until ten. Lunch - from one to three days. Dinner from seven to ten in the evening, but you can eat and eat until midnight. For breakfast, several types of cheese (including feta), yogurt, omelets (very tasty), pastries (twelve to fifteen types of puffs) are served. Many different vegetables, several types of soups, rice, lentils, fish every day.Of meat - chicken, beef, lamb. Salads, sauces - all that is. You can mix them yourself. Interesting side dishes - bean porridge with spices, general-style potatoes, meat rolls, baked eggplants, lasagna. A lot of pastries - Egyptian pizza, different buns. Mountains of great desserts for dinner, at least a dozen species. Three types of fruit are served during meals. They give bananas (including chocolate), dates, oranges. In season - melons and watermelons. The food is delicious, quality. Good cocktails at the beach bar Roma Hotel 4. Nutrition reviews are different, but mostly everyone says they feed very well here. Many praise bars for a beautiful interior. A five minute walk from the hotel is the best fish restaurant in Hurghada called "Barracuda". And near the neighboring hotel "Bella Vista" is located an institution with Russian cuisine. "McDonald's" is also very close.

Services and staff

Hotel Roma Hotel 4 (Hurghada) has all the services laid by the "four stars". There is a doctor’s office here. Guests can wash clothes and ask them to clean them. There is a good beauty salon. There is a spa center where you can order massage services, soak in the jacuzzi or relax in the hammam and sauna. Not forgotten, and sports - the hotel has a gym, and on the beach you can play volleyball.In the morning - aqua aerobics classes. If you get up very early, then, until the heat, you can ride horses or camels (but this is outside the hotel). In the evenings, the animators amuse the audience with entertainment programs (fakirs, belly dancing, and so on), and young people "light up" in discos or dance to live music. There is a mini-club for the kids and a safe playground is equipped. There is Wi-Fi in the lobby, it is free and without a password. In the hotel itself, below, there is also a disco where tourists come from all over the city. The restaurant is clean, the tablecloths on the tables are snow-white, the staff are in uniform. Russian, many employees understand. A good doctor who makes a daily round of the beach and looks to see if anything has happened, whether the vacationers have hurt themselves. The staff is smiling, pleasant. The hotel management is young people with whom it is interesting to communicate. The service is excellent, and if you also treat the staff with reciprocal smiles and understanding, then you will be receiving increased attention.Egypt Hurghada Roma hotel 4

Sea, bathing, tanning ...

Although the Roma Hotel 4 (Hurghada) is not on the first line, it has its own, though not very large, sandy beach.In order to get on it, you just need to cross the road. The sea is thus very close. There is a diving center on the beach, and there are a lot of different kinds of entertainment - canoes and kayaks, water bananas, tablets, and so on. You can rent masks and flippers. Every day good club music plays on the beach, under which it is pleasant to sunbathe. The shore is clean, sand is loosened, algae and garbage are collected. Guests write that there is an excellent entrance to the water, near the pier, and safe for children. Compared to other hotels in Hurghada, this is rare. Near the water there is sand, and a little further away there is a reef and a lot of corals. No need to sail far to get the opportunity to watch the magnificent underwater world of the Red Sea. Fish swim even to the depth of the knee. But since there are still corals, and in some places the coast is rocky, it is advised to buy beach slippers. The water is very clean and clear. Sun loungers, deck chairs and towels are enough for everyone. Right on the beach, you can catch the Internet from the nearby Bella Vista Hotel. Hotel Roma Hotel 4 has one interesting feature. His pool is located right on the beach. Therefore, you can swim not only in salty sea water, but also in fresh water.There is also a small slide. There is also a swing and a bar with free drinks. Another large swimming pool is available in the courtyard. By the way, it is possible to swim in it at night, which is not allowed in all Egyptian hotels. There is also a children's "frog". But all fresh water - without heating. And for those who wish to look at the gorgeous beaches, it is advised to visit the "Dream Beach". This is one of the best places for marine recreation in this resort.Hurghada hotel Roma hotel 4

Egypt, Hurghada, Roma Hotel 4. Excursions

There is a tourist office right on the hotel beach. But first of all we will talk about not very distant travels. Since the hotel is a five-minute walk from the center of New Hurghada, you can go there first of all. Good shopping and nightlife are just steps away. So without entertainment you will not stay. Night clubs can be visited with animators. Entrance for girls there is free, drinks - too. For lovers of shopping there are bazaars with very affordable prices. Tourists are advised to bargain in the market, as you can bring down the price in two or three times. Also nearby is a mosque. If you want to get to the center of the old city to admire the Arabic flavor, take a minibus.And where else can you go from the hotel Roma Hotel 4? Hurghada is a very convenient point for luxury excursions to Cairo and Luxor. Intelligent guides, good buses, very thoughtful and rich programs. A two-day excursion to Alexandria is also popular. You can also ride on different islands, of which there are many, see the fish in a glass bottom boat or a submarine (like Sinbad). The best diving - on the island of Giftun and the nearby archipelago. And it is recommended to ride a quad bike or jeep, visit the Bedouin villages in the desert. Sea excursions are advised to take on the beach - they are much cheaper there than a tour operator in a hotel. If you want to go somewhere, but not very far, it is recommended to choose El Gouna. This is a beautiful town where there are artificial canals, many golf courses and luxury hotels. In the local aquarium, you can see almost all the fish of the Red Sea. Lovers of exotic invites hotel "Alf Leila Va Leila" - in the verbatim "One Thousand and One Nights", - on the eponymous show about Ancient Egypt and the life of the pharaohs.

Roma Hotel 4 (Hurghada) - reviews

This hotel is like people who have already been in Egypt.They understand that the hotel has an almost perfect ratio of price and quality. Positively-minded tourists write that they have been there several times. And, obviously, will come here again. Good reviews of the hotel leaves the youth. The hotel is safe. It is also good for companies. Tourists write that here you get a wonderful feeling of carelessness, which we lack so much in the gray working days. The guests praise the food, although some tourists, who travel a lot on excursions and do not want to be tied to the hotel, take half board. The contingent in the hotel is different - there are Russians, Estonians and Germans. The main thing - take a good mood with you. Just remember that this is Egypt, “4 *”. Roma Hotel fits its class, and if your requirements are not exaggerated, then you will certainly like the hotel. And those who are going to relax, hang out and have fun - they are here. And they do not regret it. In addition, walking distance from the hotel to the center of the new city and all the shops seems to many to be perfect. Indeed, in addition to the beach and the bar, there is where to go, but not all hotels in Hurghada have such an opportunity.

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