Hotels of Kirov: description, reviews

Kirov is a large regional city located on the Vyatka River. This is a cultural, historical, scientific and industrial center of the Urals. Not surprisingly, many tourists and business people flock to this city. A hospitable meeting and quality service will be provided by the Kirov Hotel.


This hotel, located at the address: 67, Chapaeva Street, offers guests of the city budget accommodation in cozy rooms. Depending on the degree of comfort of the room, the cost of living can vary from 300 to 1500 rubles. Hotel guests can use the following list of services:

  • wireless Internet;
  • Fax;
  • Xerox;
  • barbershop;
  • solarium;
  • sauna;
  • terminal for the payment of cellular services;
  • sports cafe;
  • coolers with artesian water.
sports hotel


About this hotel in Kirov, tourists leave such positive reviews:

  • pleasant friendly staff that does everything for the comfort of the guests (they respond quickly to requests and also will kindly answer non-accommodation questions);
  • budget rates for accommodation compared to other similar institutions;
  • location in a quiet area, from which it is quite easy to get to the center;
  • near many cafes and restaurants with affordable prices;
  • Location within walking distance of the railway station.

And such negative:

  • instead of the declared one-and-a-half beds, the rooms are equipped with small single beds, on which a not very comfortable tall man of large build
  • a distinct smell of tobacco smoke in the rooms and in the corridors (it is already ingrained in the materials, and therefore ventilation does not help);
  • uncomfortable mattresses on the beds;
  • weak wifi signal in the rooms.

Hotel "Intourist"

The Intourist Hotel in Kirov, located at 19 Surikov Street, opened its doors for travelers in 2000. It pleases tourists with comfortable living conditions and diplomatic rates. Here are the accommodation options presented to the guests:

  • One-room single room - 1400 rubles.
  • Single superior room - 1400 rubles.
  • One-room double room - 1600 rubles.
  • Double superior room - 1800 rubles.
  • One-room triple room - 1800 rubles.

In addition to staying in rooms, guests can also use the following services:

  • parking;
  • wireless Internet;
  • taxi ordering;
  • ticket reservation;
  • billiards;
  • dry cleaning

Also in the hotel building there is a beauty salon, hairdresser, cafe and dental office.

Intourist Hotel


About this hotel in Kirov, travelers leave such positive reviews:

  • affordable rates for accommodation;
  • almost perfect cleanliness in the rooms and on the territory;
  • friendly staff, who are attentive and caring to the guests, trying to help with emerging issues;
  • good and relatively inexpensive cafe in the hotel building;
  • There are coolers with drinking water.

And such negative:

  • morally and physically outdated furnishings in the rooms - it is high time to make cosmetic repairs and replace furniture;
  • unstable wireless internet - the signal is constantly lost;
  • in the cold season, the room is poorly heated;
  • interruptions with hot water supply;
  • uncomfortable pillows with an unpleasant hard filler.

Hotel "Comfort"

At the address: Proizvodstvennaya Street 8, the Comfort Hotel is located in Kirov. It is close to major entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants. Thanks to a good road junction, from here you can quickly get to anywhere in the city. Guests are offered such options for accommodation:

  • Single room with shower (11 sq. M.) - 1400 rubles.
  • Single room with a small bathroom (11 sq. M) - 1400 rubles.
  • Single room with a large bathroom (11 sq. M.) - 1600 rubles.
  • Double room with shower (14 sq. M.) - 1400 rubles.
  • Triple room (20 sq. M.) - 1700 rubles).
  • Triple room with Jacuzzi (20 sq. M.) - 1,800 rubles.

Travelers can also take advantage of the following accommodation options:

  • free wireless internet;
  • free guarded parking;
  • the possibility of placing with pets;
  • 24 hour reception;
  • laundry;
  • three types of breakfast (for 100, 80 and 60 rubles).
hotel comfort


Photos of hotels in Kirov, as well as official sites do not always give an objective picture of living conditions. But, reliable information can be found in the reviews. About this institution travelers leave such positive reviews:

  • friendly and friendly staff at the reception;
  • there is a common kitchen where you can cook your own food;
  • pleased with the presence of coolers with drinking water;
  • beautifully decorated lobby;
  • affordable rates for accommodation.

And such negative:

  • dampness and mold in the bathroom;
  • a distinct smell of tobacco smoke in the rooms and corridors;
  • not all lighting devices in the rooms are in working condition;
  • places on the walls come off the wallpaper;
  • the bedding smells very sharply of laundry detergent (apparently, it is poorly rinsed out);
  • weak wireless internet signal.

Hotel "Oasis"

Mini-hotel "Oasis" in Kirov is located at the following address: Bolsheva Street, 6. Guests can relax in one of eight comfortable rooms, equipped with all the necessary amenities. Even guests can use a private spacious parking, as well as the opportunity to order food from the cafe "Antalya".

hotel oasis


There are not so many reviews about this hotel in Kirov, but it can be concluded from them that the main advantage is the budget rates for accommodation and cozy atmosphere in the rooms. The main disadvantages of the institution are the location in the basement, as well as the distance from the main urban infrastructure.

Hotel "Soviet"

On the Proletarskaya street, 40 is located the hotel "Soviet" in Kirov. To accommodate guests, there are such options:

  • Two-room suite - 3200 rubles.
  • Single one-room number of the first category - 2300 rubles.
  • Triple single room - 2700 rubles.
  • Five-bed two-room number - 5500 rubles.
  • Triple two-room number - 3300 rubles.
  • Double one-room - 3300 rubles.
  • Double one-room - 3400 rubles.

The price includes a nutritious breakfast.

Soviet hotel


About this hotel in Kirov reviews both positive and negative. Here are some encouraging comments from travelers about this institution:

  • clean enough both in the rooms and in the corridors and public areas;
  • friendly and helpful staff who will always help and tell;
  • stable and high-speed wireless Internet;
  • good room amenities - everything you need for a comfortable stay.

But what are the negative:

  • prices for accommodation could be lower;
  • poor sound insulation in the rooms - very audible neighbors, as well as everything that happens in the hallway.

Hotel "Youth"

Molodyozhnaya Hotel in Kirov was opened in 2011 in the building of the Center for the Continuing Education of Gifted Schoolchildren at 87 Oktyabrsky Ave.

There are 30 rooms for guests, which can be divided into two categories:

  • One-room single room - from 1100 rubles.
  • One-room double room - from 1600 rubles.

The following benefits are also available for guests:

  • autonomous hot water system;
  • fire alarm;
  • security system and video surveillance;
  • drinking water coolers;
  • the possibility of calling a doctor in the room;
  • use of a first aid kit;
  • wake-up service;
  • taxi call;
  • delivery of correspondence in the room;
  • conference hall;
  • buffet.
youth hotel


About this hotel travelers leave such positive reviews:

  • affordable rates for accommodation;
  • perfect cleanliness in the rooms and in public areas;
  • modern fresh repair;
  • quick registration and check-in procedure;
  • high professionalism of the reception staff;
  • good noise isolation (the rest is not hampered by the conversations of neighbors, nor the noise from the street, or the tromp from the corridor);
  • nearby there are several good and inexpensive catering establishments;
  • comfortable modern furniture;
  • good orthopedic mattress on the bed.

And such negative:

  • inconvenient location;
  • cleaning is done using bleach, so there is a specific irritating smell in the room and in the corridor;
  • no soap in the bathroom;
  • not the best tv image quality;
  • the inconvenient location of the TV is too high, you have to constantly raise your head to watch the program;
  • inconvenient buffet work schedule (besides, it is periodically closed to service children's groups).

Hotel "Imperial"

In 2012, the Imperial Hotel opened its doors to guests of Kirov, located at the address: 10. Dobrolyubova Street. The highlight of this establishment is the classical style of the interior. Also, guests will appreciate the location. It is the very center of the city, but the area is very quiet and calm.

To accommodate guests there are 11 rooms. Here are the options presented to your attention:

room category Living room equipment Bathroom equipment Price, rubles per day

- Double bed;

- bedside tables;

- a mirror;

- plasma TV

- restroom;

- shower;

from 1300
Junior Suite

- Standard room equipment;

- chest of drawers

- equipment of a standard room;

- wash basin

from 1600

- Standard room equipment;

- wardrobe

- Equipment Junior Suite

from 2000

Breakfast is not included in the price. This option is additionally paid in the amount of 200 rubles.


About this hotel in Kirov travelers leave such positive reviews:

Hotel Imperial
  • affordable rates for accommodation (in many hotels with worse conditions rates are much higher);
  • spacious area of ​​the rooms;
  • excellent orthopedic mattresses on which you can fully sleep without back pain;
  • TV broadcasts many channels;
  • powerful and stable wireless internet signal;
  • there is good parking nearby;
  • professional and friendly staff who are trying to find an individual approach to each guest.

And such negative:

  • in a standard room there are no windows, which is why the situation is very uncomfortable, and at night there is total darkness;
  • poor noise insulation - all conversations of neighbors are audible;
  • interruptions in the supply of hot water;
  • in the bathroom there are no shelves for bath and hygiene accessories;
  • not very conscientious cleaning - there is a lot of dust under the furniture;
  • due to poor ventilation in the bathroom almost always there is the smell of sewage.

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