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Murom is one of the oldest Russian cities, which often attracts lovers of history, antiquity and ancient architecture. But before embarking on sightseeing, will have to find a place to spend the night. We will say right away that there are a lot of hotels in Murom, it will not be possible to talk about all of them, so let's talk about the most famous and popular ones.

Hotel "Lada": description

Murom hotels

The Lada Hotel (Murom) is located on Moskovskaya Street, 43, near the Oka River. The institution has three stars. According to the official website, it has 46 rooms, including suites, junior suite, double and single rooms with double and single beds. All rooms have air conditioning and private bathroom.

The hotel provides the following services to its guests:

  • Free wifi.
  • The possibility of pre-ordering tickets to the theater and train.
  • Car with driver.
  • Organizes banquets, exhibitions, corporate parties.
  • If necessary, you can send a fax or make photocopies of documents on site.
  • Guided tours of the city.
  • For customers works guarded parking.
  • Possibility to rent a conference room.

There is also a cafe, a laundry and a hairdresser on the premises.

The average price for accommodation ranges from 2,000 to 5,000. The price includes breakfast and dinner.

Guest reviews about "Lada"

Hotel "Lada" (Murom) among the visitors does not cause much enthusiasm, they rate it as average. Despite the fact that the institution itself is positioning itself as a prestigious place to relax, guests call it very simple and find flaws. Almost all the guests talk about a small area of ​​ordinary rooms, doors and windows open with noise. Suites and junior suites are quite spacious. Some were outraged by a small but significant detail - you can only use the iron for a fee, and even go to the room for the maids. There are complaints that they are very rarely cleaned, for example, even in the suite there was no cleaning, except for the removal of garbage and change of towels, for three days. Almost all the guests are inclined to think that the cost of service is too high.

hotel Lada Moore

Of the benefits noted good plumbing, the presence of showers or baths. The rooms have nice furniture, air conditioning. The suites are quite large mini-bars, there are waffle bathrobes, a hairdryer, shampoo and liquid soap are also provided.Another important plus is that there is a grocery store near the hotel where you can stock up on provisions.

As for the evaluation of breakfast and dinner, they are quite contradictory. Someone happy, others believe that the portions are too small.

Hotel "Rus" (Murom)

The institution is considered the central hotel of the city, once it was called "Murom". It is positioned as the best hotel complex in the city, with a total of 71 rooms, which are divided into:

  • Standard - bed, TV, desk or coffee table, TV (including cable channels), coat rack, wardrobe, shower in the bathroom and a mirror.
  • Superior comfort - double bed and extra bed, upholstered furniture, bathroom, TV with cable channels, refrigerator.
  • Almost all Murom hotels have VIP-rooms, and Russia is no exception. This establishment offers a three-room lodger, including a living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom. Guests have at their disposal comfortable furniture, sofas, a double bed and two single beds, a coffee table, a dining table with chairs, two cable TVs, and a refrigerator.

Room rates range from 1,500 to 5,500 rubles. Hotel Address: ul. Moscow, 87, near the bus station.

hotel russia murom

Reviews about "Rus"

Many hotels in Murom are located in buildings of Soviet construction, it is not surprising that Rus belongs to one of them. On the other hand, the guests do not mind living in such buildings, but they would like the repair to be carried out more often. Overall, the reviews are somewhat contradictory. Therefore, we will try to simply list the pros and cons found by the guests.


  • Polite staff. They can tell you where to spend time in the city or how to get to the desired building.
  • Everywhere cleaned, no dirt and dust.
  • Breakfast is included in the room rate. Cook quite tasty.
  • Convenient location.


  • Lack of repair for a long time. Some lodgers believe that since the time of construction.
  • Uncomfortable atmosphere.
  • Poorly working elevators.
  • Bad soundproofing.

The hotel could have a lot more positive feedback if the administration did the renovation.


hotel wave murom

Hotel "Wave" (Murom) is located at: st. Gudkina, 1 a. It is almost in the center of the city, near the Oka River.The establishment belongs to the two-star category.

Unlike previous versions, has a lot of positive feedback. You can start with a convenient location and lack of cars, as the building is located in a dead end of the street. The rooms have the necessary furniture, was recently renovated, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, bathroom with good plumbing, electric kettle. The hotel has parking. An important fact - take guests with animals. There is a high level of service. Of the minuses - breakfast is not included in the price.

The Murom hotels described above were approximately at the same level, but the “Wave”, despite only two stars, stands out noticeably against their background. However, there are complaints that the photos on the official website are far from reality, which misleads customers when booking places.

"Three heroes" (Murom): hotel

three bogatyr murom hotel

Judging by the reviews, one of the best places to stay. Located on the street. Sverdlovskaya, d. 8, near the Assumption Cathedral. The hotel provides cozy rooms with TV, parking, breakfast included in the price and so on.At the institution constantly working travel agency.

Among the advantages of the hotel it is noted: convenient location, friendly staff, good breakfast, always available cooler and coffee machine, cozy and memorable atmosphere, new furniture. Among the shortcomings, some point to the lack of sound insulation, cramped bathrooms, breakfasts brought from a nearby cafe, and not cooked in the hotel.

So, we looked at the most famous hotels in Murom, now you have to decide which one you would like to stay.

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