How can ip calculate?

“Yes, I will calculate you by IP!” - quite a popular phrase on the Internet. There are a lot of jokes, horror stories and even threats on this topic. But in reality, how can it be calculated by ip?

What is an IP address

An IP address is a unique network address for a device on a computer network. IP addresses are static and dynamic. Static are tied to a specific device / subscriber, and dynamic are issued when connected to the network and are used only for a certain period of time. Which of the following types of connections is yours? It depends on your internet operator.

Is it realistic to calculate by IP?

There are sites and services that determine the location of the ip (for example, This is done with the help of special databases that contain registration information about ip-addresses. Often this information is provided by providers when registering a specific address range. But this method allows you to find out only the name of the provider and the possible location with accuracy - maximum - to the city. About any name and personal data here we are not talking.If you want to make sure - go to one of these services and try to determine your location.

Another common way to calculate is the so-called “hacker” programs. However, they are very doubtful. At best, their work is based on the same services and databases; at worst, it contains various malware.

The ranges of IP addresses are assigned to certain providers. If you know the ip-address, you can determine the country of the provider and, possibly, (if the provider is not large), the city. All other information can only be obtained from the provider itself, but they do not provide such information to individuals.

So, suppose you are an employee of the authorities, a counter-intelligence agent of North Korea, or an employee of the required provider. In this case, obtaining personal data about the user will not be difficult for you. In many countries, the law requires operators to report data about network users on the first request. Some structures use special software. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But what to do if you are a simple user, and the operator does not consider your circumstances a serious reason for disclosing information of interest to you? In this case, you will have to look for alternative ways to obtain the necessary information.However, it should be noted that such methods are not always completely legal.

The most realistic way to obtain testimony about a person is to collect all available information about him and create a kind of online profile. Using search engines, social networks, forums, etc. need to collect all available information. Many forums publicly post IP of users, many sites contain links to profiles in social networks, etc.

How to protect yourself?

The downside of the medal is protection against detection and de-anonymization of the network user, that is, you. There are many reasons for such caution, from illegal activities to attacks of paranoia and the desire to remain "in the shadows."

There are several ways to remain "invisible":

  1. The use of anonymizers (anonymizers). Anonymizers - special programs and web services that allow you to hide information about users on the network. Such services allow you to hide data about online activity and bypass many restrictions (for example, blocking popular resources at work). But it should be understood that not all services provide complete anonymity.
  2. Using a proxy server.As noted earlier, the ip-address is the entry point of the user to the network. When using a proxy server, the address of the entry point will be the address of the proxy server (the analogy is rather rough, but it conveys the essence). When using servers located outside the jurisdiction of the authorities in your country, obtaining user data becomes extremely difficult and sometimes impossible.
  3. Install the Tor browser. Tor, which uses an encryption algorithm and distributed nodes, however, has several limitations. Read more about it here ( So, if someone calculates your IP - an incomprehensible set of numbers - he is unlikely to be able to do something about it.

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