How do I burn a Nero boot disk?

Often there is a need to download to a PC orlaptop alternative shell instead of the installed operating system. In this situation, you can not help but have a boot disk. Among other things, it can be useful in the transfer of data, testing of components, treatment of viruses. However, not every user is familiar with this process, and sometimes does not even know how to create a boot disk in Nero. And yet everything is quite simple, and for this you need to install the necessary software, purchase a blank disc and have the boot disk itself or its image.

Get Nero

To create a bootable disc using Nero, you need to download it from the Internet and install it on your computer. It does not weigh much, so there should not be any problems with this.

Burn the boot disk

Before you make a boot disk Nero,you need to insert it into the computer and run the Nero program. After the program menu opens, you need to select a CD or DVD project, depending on the type of disc. And in the "Project type" item, select "Image creation". Since there are different versions of the program, the projects can be called differently, but you must choose one that has the word "image" or the abbreviation ISO. You should try to choose discs with a large volume, because usually standard drives of 700 MB to write all the necessary information is not enough.

Then in the source section, select the opticaldrive, and as a receiver select the hard drive and click "Next". As a result of these actions, a copy window will appear, and then a dialog box will appear where you will be asked to specify the location of the image saving. You should select the desired folder and name the image. For convenience, it is better to create a folder on the desktop, so you will find it easier to find it in the program through the file explorer.

After clicking on the "Save" button, the programwill start copying the disk and creating its image. It is necessary to wait until the program displays a message on the message that "Burning is successfully completed". After that, you need to remove the boot disk from the drive and insert a clean one, but similar in type, that is CD or DVD. Now you should select the project "Burn image to disk", point the hard drive to the previously created image and wait for the message "Burn successfully completed". After that, the boot disk will be ready, and you can use the recorded information as the primary storage medium.

Now you know how to burn a boot diskNero, and will be able to make copies of any disc with a wide variety of data. It can be games, music, movies, programs and tests. After all, the Nero program creates an exact copy of the disk, allowing you to set the settings in the same name and other important parameters. In addition, this program can make images of games that constantly require inserting a disc when it starts, but next time you do not have to.

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