How is the installation of fonts

Before considering the procedure for how tothere is installation of fonts, the user needs to make sure that he really needs it. Among the standard there are many interesting options, which you can decorate the text or picture. For example, in all Vindous families there is a beautiful hand-written font Monotype Corsiva.installing fonts

If the capabilities of the system are really notenough to create a design masterpiece and the user continues to believe that the already installed fonts are good, except that for the design of forms, you should go to the methods using which the installation of fonts will take place in seconds. You should know that after downloading the font you like from the Internet, you will first need to unzip it.

Then, in order to implement the installation,you should right-click on the new font. In the opened menu select "Install", after which the specified font will be placed in the corresponding directory, and it can be used in various applications. This method is only suitable for Windows Vista7 and Windows 7. It is not possible to install fonts in Windows XP in this way.

The following are the options that are appropriate for all families of the shell program from Microsoft.installing fonts in Photoshop

1. Open the "Start" menu, and then find and activate "Control Panel". In the opened window, you should find the "Fonts" section. After opening it, click "File", "Install font". Once the path to the file is specified, the installation is complete.

2. Installation of fonts can be made similar to the first way by. To do this, by opening the "Fonts" item, you simply copy the desired item to this window. It will be automatically added to the registry, and you can start using it in various programs.

Access to the "Fonts" menu can also be obtained using the special command "% windir% / Fonts", which you need to enter on the command line. To do this, click "Win + R" or "Start", "Run".

You can also use a standard conductor. The folder responsible for displaying the fonts is located at C: \ Windows \ Fonts. Opening this directory, you can use any of the methods described above, and install the necessary element.

Very often beautiful letters with differentcurls, beautiful effects, are required in the work of designers. And since their most popular tool is Photoshop, they naturally need to know how the installation of fonts in 7 installing fonts

It should be noted that all the methods described abovecan help in this. In such cases, opening the text control panel in this program, the new one will appear at the very top of the list, which is very convenient, since you do not have to search for it in the full list of fonts.

If necessary, you can installfont only for Photoshop. To do this, you copy the sample you like to the program folder, which by default is located at C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Adobe \ Fonts. However, it must be remembered that this is true only for the installed version of the program. If you use portable, then new fonts will not be displayed.

Thus, the installation of fonts is quite simple and fast. If desired, they can also be removed, so as not to be confused in the abundance of unnecessary options.

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