How long does a sperm cell live?

June 1, 2012
How long does a sperm cell live?

A sperm cell is a male germ cell that connects to a female egg, resulting in fertilization and conception of the fetus. Spermatozoa are contained in the semen, namely in the seminal fluid. Sperm discharge occurs at the final stage of sexual intercourse, when ejaculation from the urethra occurs. 2-3 ml are usually allocated. sperm Many women are interested in the question: how long does the spermatozoon live? Indeed, it is necessary to know in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy, or, on the contrary, to take into account all the factors for planning a pregnancy. So how much does a sperm live?

Experimental Data

It has been experimentally proven that the most favorable environment for male germ cells is a temperature of the human body of 36-37 degrees. In laboratory conditions, at a comfortable temperature and protection from drying out, spermatozoa can live for about 8 days. It is likely that as many they can maintain their mobility in the female genital tract.However, there is no consensus among scientists about this: some believe that spermatozoa continue to function in a woman’s body for 24–36 hours. Others answer the question of how many days the spermatozoon lives - 8-12 days. The life expectancy of sperm cells depends on various factors: the quality of sperm, the environment of the vagina, the general condition of the body. For example, if the body temperature is high, then the spermatozoa die faster.

During sexual intercourse, 200-500 million spermatozoa get into the woman's vagina! But for fertilization of an egg only one is needed. Therefore, only a small amount of sperm reaches the fallopian tubes, the rest die without reaching the target.

Many are interested in how much sperm live in the air? In the air, germ cells die within about 3 hours due to drying of the seminal fluid. Therefore, if the sperm does not get on the mucous genital organs, then there is no risk of becoming pregnant. However, if repeated sexual intercourse takes place, then still live spermatozoa may show up in the composition of the lubricant of the penis and, thus, get into the vagina.Therefore, if you do not plan pregnancy, it is necessary to carry out hygienic procedures between sexual acts.

So, now you know how much sperm live in a woman's body. Plan the birth of a child in advance!

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