How to add people in the contact?

Anna Kitaychik
Anna Kitaychik
April 14, 2015
How to add people in the contact?

When you create any group in social networks, the problem of its promotion and attracting subscribers appears. If you don’t take it seriously, then your public page or group will not be known to anyone for a long time. In such cases, you just need to know how to add people to the Contact. It is very simple to do this: it is enough to familiarize yourself with the instructions provided and start acting.

Instructions for adding people to the group

  1. To get started, go to your personal page vKontakte. On the left, in the options column, click "My Groups".
  2. You will see a window in which all groups in which you belong to will be displayed. Find the necessary list among the general list and click on it with the mouse.
  3. Once on the page of your group, click the box titled "You are in a group", it is located immediately below the main photo, which is located in the upper right corner of the page. Then select among the "Invite Friends" pop-up functions.
  4. Next you will see a window with a list of your friends.Opposite the necessary candidates, you must click "Send Invitation".
  5. By clicking at the bottom of the "Invite friends from the full list" window, you will have access to all of your comrades in the social network. Just click “Invite to group” in front of everyone - and this person will receive a corresponding message from you.

It should be noted that no more than 40 people can be invited per day, so take seriously the choice of candidates. Invite first of all those people who have similar interests. Each user decides whether to join a community or not, so by inviting everyone in a row, you risk getting a large number of refusals.

Public pages

If you are unable to invite friends to your group for the reason that such options are simply missing, then you are most likely dealing with the “Public page”. It is simply impossible to invite friends to such communities, but there is a way out of this situation too. Just click on the "Transfer to group" function under the main photo, and all functions will immediately become available. If you do not want to translate your page, use the option "Tell friends".Users will be able to voluntarily subscribe to your community if they are interested in the information posted there.

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