How to apply for a foreigner?

Many companies are currently invitingwork of foreigners. The reasons for this may be different. One needs very rare specialists, which simply do not exist in the country. Others accept specialists only because they are willing to work for the firm day and night, while receiving a modest cash award. In any case, companies are faced with difficulties or even just frankly do not know how to formalize an alien.

Employment Procedure

The procedure for the employment of an alien inthe company is rather complicated. In addition, you will incur certain material waste and spend a considerable amount of time. Permission to involve and use foreign labor, a decree on the appropriateness of this involvement, and for the foreigner himself, also obtaining a work permit in the country and endless medical certificates - and this is only part of all the documents that are needed in this situation. In this regard, it is much easier for those foreigners who come from countries with whom a visa-free regime is established. In any case, the process is not simple, and many entrepreneurs are frightened of this question: how to arrange an alien for work?

Proceeding from this, after a little thought, employersthey decide not to admit the specialist they need to the company, or decide not to legalize their employment relationship. Therefore, by "hiring" we mean that a labor or civil law contract was entered into with a foreigner. Organizations need: to have a positive decision on the appropriateness of involving foreign labor. To do this, you need to contact the territorial agency of the employment services, which is located where the organization is operating and where the work of foreigners will be used in the future. Before you apply for a foreigner, you need to provide all information about the organization, the number of foreign workers, information about their positions and professions, information that would justify the appropriateness of involving foreign employees.

The question of the appropriateness of involving foreignemployees is decided, based on whether there have been earlier appeals to the employment service of compatriots with the same qualifications. The fact that the application can not be satisfied is best received by written confirmation. Also, the organization must have permission to engage and use foreign labor, which is issued by the internal affairs body if there is a positive opinion from the employment service.

Documents for obtaining permits

To obtain permits, the organization mustto provide such documents: an application for the issuance of a permit, a resolution on the desirability of involving foreign labor, a draft agreement (or other document that confirms an agreement with a foreigner on the conditions for admission to work), a certificate of company registration, constituent documents, information on foreign citizens.

Permission is granted within 30 days and is valid.for a period of 1 year, however, it can be extended. Before you apply for a foreigner, know that the refusal is sent to the company within 5 days, and the reasons can be: the company does not provide the foreigner with wages (not lower than the average), as well as the lack of social guarantees that are provided by law.

Documents for a work permit

To obtain a work permit, the organization submits such information:

  • Name, surname and patronymic, date of birth of the foreign employee;
  • Citizenship or permanent state, where the citizen resides;
  • Permanent address of the citizen's residence;
  • Period in which the citizen is engaged in labor activity;
  • Information on the availability of a work permit;
  • The type of activity that a citizen is engaged in;
  • Place of work;
  • Full details of the employer;
  • Information on the existence of a permit for the involvement and use of foreign labor;
  • Information on the conditions for the involvement and use of foreign labor;
  • Photo of 30 x 40 mm of foreign citizen.

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