How to bake pork?

Before you start cooking baked pork, you need to decide what you want to get, as a result, the dish - hot or cold appetizer, more lean, or vice versa, fatter. Perhaps your household will want to taste baked pork with vegetables at a gala dinner? In any case, you should know how to bake pork, so that it is as satisfied with the quality characteristics as your guests and home.

It is very important that for the preparation of baked pork you choose the right meat. As a rule, pork is baked in one piece - the longer it is, the more time will be spent on its preparation. But at the same time, baked in a large piece, the pork will be the most juicy and tasty. Previously, for roasting pork used unleavened dough. Today, they practically do not coat meat, because you can use foil for such purposes. In addition, the marinade and the time of marinating meat is a decisive factor in the technology of cooking pork.

How to bake pork in the oven

For cooking pork in foil, it is necessary to prepare the meat - if it is with a bone, then cut it out. By the way, for such a method of roasting meat is suitable not only a ham, but also a neck or spatula. After preparing the meat, prepare the marinade - we take bay leaf, black peppercorns and sweet herbs, for example, oregano and thyme. If you do not like these herbs, use others. All the ingredients are placed in an enamel bowl and pour white wine. There should be enough wine to cover a piece of meat, otherwise during the marinade, the pork will dry out. Marinate pork for several hours, but not in a cold place, but at room temperature.

We take out a piece of marinade, dry it with a paper towel, rub it with salt and a mixture of ground black pepper, paprika and red pepper, ginger. On the side that will be the top when baking, we make several cross-cuts. This will help the large chunk bake faster. Before you bake the pork in the oven, you must wrap it in foil.

Cut off two large pieces of foil. Put them crosswise, on the top foil lay out in the center a layer of garlic and sliced ​​carrots.These layers should fit to the bottom of a piece of pork. Now it is necessary to wrap the pork tightly in foil, so first we wrap it in the first layer of foil, and then in the second. From the foil, gradually pressing it to the meat, it is necessary to expel all the air. The edges are twisted as carefully as possible so as not to damage the foil. This is very important because a small hole in the foil will make the meat taste completely different from what it should be.

Before baking the pork in the foil, it is necessary to heat the oven. The temperature should be 220 degrees. We send the wrapped piece of meat into the oven for about an hour. The appearance of the smell of baked pork indicates that meat must be checked for readiness. By the way, experienced housewives begin to check the meat after the edges of the foil turn black. In addition, tightly wrapped meat will increase in size at the initial stage of roasting, and the foil will in any case inflate.

Tips and tricks

After taking the meat, carefully open its upper part and pierce it with a special fork - with two teeth. If the juice, which appears as a result of piercing the pork, has a transparent texture, without bloody patches, then. Your meat is ready.Moreover, already when piercing with a fork, it can be understood that the pork is ready - the fork enters the piece easily, without applying much effort.

To know how much to bake pork, you must consider the weight of the piece. After all, too big a piece of meat will bake for a very long time, therefore, it makes sense to divide it into two parts. So you can shorten the roasting time, but at the same time, the taste of meat may be a little not so appetizing.

In the above recipe, white wine was used for the marinade, but it can be replaced with lemon juice or vinegar. The latter ingredient is not advised to use, because the meat will get too sour taste flavors. If you still prefer to use vinegar, then they should only sprinkle the meat slightly, but not pour it into the dishes so much that the pork is covered with it. When using vinegar, in order to avoid drying of the pork, grease it with vegetable oil, preferably olive oil.

If you do not know what to bake pork with, then you can choose potatoes, carrots and other vegetables as a side dish that fits into the foil. Naturally, then this pork will be served not as a cold appetizer, but as a hot one.

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