How to calculate the hospital?

In order to go to the hospital, not to lose their legitimate money, you need to know how the size of the hospital allowance is formed. In this article we set out all the main provisions on how the hospital is calculated.

All officially employed citizens who have the right to work in the territory of the Russian Federation have the right to receive sick leave. Citizens of the Russian Federation have this right from birth, and foreign citizens receive it in the relevant authorities.

How hospital benefits are calculated

First of all, the calculation period is determined - earnings, which will be taken into account when calculating. These are two calendar years that preceded the insured event. For example, if a person fell ill in 2014, then 2012 and 2013 should be taken into account. Estimated year has the opportunity to change only the mother who went on maternity leave or leave to care for the child.

How is actual earnings calculated

To determine the amount of hospital benefits, you need to take into account the employee’s earnings, including all payments for which social insurance contributions were made (salary, vacation pay, bonuses, etc.).The total number of payments per year should not exceed a certain limit. For each year, you can receive payments no more than the maximum amount for which contributions to the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation are charged. For example, for 2013 this amount is equal to 568,000 rubles, and for 2012 - 512,000 rubles. If the insured event occurs within 30 calendar days after the dismissal, the unemployed person has the right to receive benefits as a worker.

Calculate daily earnings

To do this, you need to sum up all the payments for the billing period and divide them by 730 (the number of days in two years). The maximum average daily earnings for benefits is 1,480 rubles. If the amount is higher, you need to take to calculate 1480 rubles.

How to determine the insurance experience

If your work experience is more than 8 years, you are paid a 100% average daily salary. If the length of service is from 5 to 8 years, then the amount of the benefit is 80% of the average daily earnings, and with the length of service up to 5 years - 60%. If the work experience is less than 6 months, then the amount of the allowance does not exceed the amount of the minimum wage.

The total amount of hospital benefits

To calculate the amount of hospital benefits, you need to multiply the number of days of the hospital by the amount of the average daily earnings. Also, when calculating hospital benefits, the following points are taken into account:

  • during the reporting period, the time of study leave is not included, as well as the period during which an employee is under administrative arrest or the time of detention;
  • the amount of the benefit may be underestimated for the illness or injury that was caused by alcohol intoxication, as well as if the patient did not follow the regimen prescribed by the doctor. In these cases, the maximum monthly benefit is 5,554 rubles.

Since in some localities the law provides for wage supplements, for the correct calculation of the sick-list it is necessary to take them into account when forming the minimum amount of the benefit.

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