How to caress a girl?

You want to satisfy a girl in bed, but you do not know how to do it and where to start? Then this article is for you! Here we will analyze in detail how to properly caress a girl in order to start her and even bring her to orgasm. To bring the girlfriend pleasure, you need to know where her erogenous zones are located. As a rule, there are a great many of them and each representative of the beautiful half has their own special and individual ones. These are eyelids, tongue, lips, earlobe, nipples, heels, fingertips, clitoris, buttocks, labia, etc.

In order for your girlfriend to burn with desire, it is important for her entire body to pay special attention. You do not know how to caress a girl, and where to start, so as not to spoil everything? Then we advise you to start with ears. Do not suck your ears! Just remember the ancient truth: that girls love with their ears! In order for your girl to relax, just talk to her on neutral topics.

Caressed hands

After you notice that she feels more relaxed, it is worth moving to caresses. Let's look at how to caress a girl with your hand.We must act slowly, as if teasing. You can embrace the waist, bend over and gently kiss the lobe of her ear. To tease her with light touches of shoulders, neck, cheeks. Do not forget to follow the reaction of the girl. When her eyes will be impatient, and breathing is intermittent, then you can safely move on to kisses on the lips.

Without stopping, envelop her caressing, using as many parts of the body. If you are careful, you can see how sensitive there are dimples under the knees or the area between the shoulder blades. The girl herself can substitute the most delicate and sensitive places for caress and kisses, while she will shudder at the touch of them.

Weasel chest

Let's talk about how to caress a girl's breasts. Do not twist the nipples and squeeze the chest. Strong squeezing and sudden movements will hurt rather than delight. The gentle work of the tongue, with the alternation of slow and fast caresses will bring true delight to your beloved.

The area around the nipples is considered very gentle, so slowly and very carefully you can try the technique that creates a slight vibration of the tongue.Slide your fingers or tongue around the nipples in a spiral, kiss the hollow between the breasts, you can also lick the nipple with the tip of the tongue. Any gentle tricks will strongly excite your partner.

Considering that the breast is one of the main erogenous zones in women, it should always be given special attention in sufficient quantities. The lightest touches of her can not only excite your partner, but also bring to orgasm.

Laski clitoris

Here it is necessary to show special skill and look at the reaction of the girl. Because you need to determine exactly what touch and action like your partner.

  • You can turn the girl on the side and caress her ass and waist, since this particular part of the body in many girls is an erogenous zone. Sliding your hands on the outer and inner side of the thighs, as if teasing your beloved and do not touch the most important thing.
  • To the girl felt the hardness of your penis, do not forget to cuddle up to her all over. Your combat readiness indicates how much you want it, and even more excite your partner.
  • Slightly teasing a girl, the main thing is not to delay, otherwise she can burn out, it is worth moving smoothly to the main caresses. Now let's talk about how to caress the clitoris girl.First, slightly penetrating the vagina with your finger, caress her labia, only occasionally touching the clitoris.
  • Gradually proceed to the immediate stimulation of the clitoris. You can try circular motions, sucking, vibration, most importantly, do not forget to follow the girl's reaction to notice what kind of affection she prefers.
  • Let's also take a look at how to caress a girl's tongue in order to deliver maximum pleasure. When caressing the clitoris is not worth keeping your tongue tight The more relaxed and softer it is, the more pleasant your touch will be for the girl.
  • Also do not feel sorry for saliva when you caress the girl's clitoris. When caressing the clitoris, not all girls like when they are inserted a finger or two into the vagina. If you are not sure, then it is better to ask directly about it. By the way, labia are not as sensitive as the clitoris, so you can not only lick, but bite.

In general, there are many different approaches, how to caress a girl, video lessons can be viewed on the Internet if you wish. Remember, the main thing is that foreplay and affection should go on increasing, your girl should be constantly waiting and yearning.

Caressing a girl, do not forget that they are all different and each has its own erogenous zones. And if you strive to become a first-class lover, it is for this sexual partner, then you need to learn as much as possible about her preferences and erogenous zones. What she prefers caresses, poses, where her most sensitive places, and what is unpleasant to her. If you know all this, then you will have a chance of success.

Know that a man who perfectly masters the art of cunnings, and who knows how to give a woman pleasure with caresses, will always be appreciated by women. Any girl will express delight, having found one of thousand men skilful in this business. The main thing is to properly apply their skills in practice!

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