How to choose a car radio?

Those days have long passed when only one radio program sounded in the car ... Now more and more people prefer car receivers instead of radio receivers. The fact is that even if you have a radio, you will hear practically nothing but radio and endless advertising. And acquiring a car stereo, you yourself will be a DJ. That is, you can not only listen to your favorite music, but also interesting programs or even learn foreign languages. But choosing a car radio is not so easy. Nowadays, a lot of different models with different functions are presented for our review. But how to choose a car radio, so as not to sell too much and buy really, exactly what we need? After all, every month we see a new model with additional qualities. We hope that our article will help you buy "your" option and stay satisfied for more than one year.

It is worth noting that you can not buy a cheap car, so that it meets all standards. You need to choose: or buy a "full stuffing" or a modest and affordable model.These models, which are not so much "beat on your wallet", and may seem the same in functionality, but still their quality will be noticeably worse and they usually fail faster.

How to choose a radio, given the playback format

The most common - this car "CD", they read the most common formats and discs. But, if you have mp3 format, then he will not read them - this is very inconvenient in our time, when basically all the music swings from the Internet and its format is exactly mp3. Therefore, immediately select the car receiver that reads this format. And it is also worth noting that if you record music in mp3 format, then it will fit much more on a disc carrier than on a CD disc.

If you are often in your car, then you will “kill two birds with one stone” by purchasing a car stereo that reads the DVD format. Typically, these car radios have a small display where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Also, the kit may include a remote control for ease of management. But this player has several disadvantages:

  • brittle, if not hit hard, it can break,
  • when shocks are often accompanied by any ride, the image is pretty spoiled and it is unpleasant to watch, therefore, wondering: which car to choose, you should think about the condition of the roads you go on.

And even if the player has anti-shock components, the image will still “skip”. It is still possible to purchase a car stereo that will read your information not only from disks but also from a flash drive. This is very convenient, as the disks require a lot of space in your glove compartment.

Which radio to choose, given the power parameters

It is very important to take into account the power of the radio. If it is powerful, then the sound will be stronger. There are several parameters of power receivers. At its maximum value, the power outputted reproduces sound quality in fractions of a second. This power indicates the ability of the device to withstand and transmit sound if a drop in sound occurs. Optimum power (4Х50 W). This power shows the quality of the sound itself when listening. This is a very important parameter for any car, as the driver usually listens to it for more than one hour. And when you think about how to choose a radio and affordable, and functional, be sure to consider this parameter.

All more or less modern car stereos have the advantage of being able to attach it with an ISO connector. This makes it very easy to install the car radio in the car - you just connect the connectors. But if you don’t have this device, you still need to buy it, otherwise you will have to solder the connections yourself.

There is still the possibility of connecting additional components to the car stereo: a crossover, an amplifier, a sound changer, and others. Therefore focus on the additional connectors. They must be present. And these pairs of linear outputs must be at least three. This will enable you to connect a subwoofer. Also check if there is a connector for connecting an external antenna. It is also needed for a complete component of your car radio.

Tuner selection

Consider the availability of FM / AM tuner. Pay attention to your tuner range. The most advantageous and convenient range is from 75 to 150 Hz. And what will be the quality of the reproduced sound (the presence or absence of interference) will depend on the sensitivity of the tuner. Sensitivity must be regulated and not more than one µV.So, there should be both stereo and mono sound. There are devices that independently find waves, you simply memorize them manually, it is very convenient. Also, if you bought a car stereo and there is an RDS in it, then this function can show the transmitted information along with the wave itself (you can see the time, temperature, track that is playing at the moment).

The sound in your device is adjusted by the equalizer. Usually it is three-way, this equalizer adjusts only three types of frequencies: low, medium and high. But, if you prefer a more pleasant sound, then you can buy a car stereo with an equalizer of up to seven bands. With the help of them, you will adjust the sound as you like, whether it will be in pop-style, or in rock, it all depends on your desire. Also look for a car stereo that has the fiction of loudness, and there will be high-quality bass sound.

Be sure not to make a mistake with the size, as car radios have different dimensions. Be sure to measure your own, and only with this yardstick will you go to the store.

Take care of theft

It is also important to protect your equipment from theft.In addition to warranty insurance and car alarms, you can also protect your car radio in another way. If you bought a car receiver with a removable panel, then it is, of course, vulnerable. And a thief can break your equipment by breaking a window or opening a door. But now car radios are being released with a security code, which must be entered. Very expensive copies I work with a magnetic card. There are car dummy. They roll over (panel) and therefore the thieves think that your car does not have a car radio at all. Some variants of car stereos can be simply taken with you.

Ease of use

Choose the option with convenient buttons. Since if the buttons are small enough, it is unlikely to be convenient. So, pay attention to the control panel of the car radio, you should be comfortable, the color should also be suitable for your salon. It is also important that the plastic was of high quality. Take the car radio better than a new one, with a guarantee, since already used can quickly break, and no one wants to change it.

Do you need a car stereo? How to choose? We hope that everything written above will answer this question! We wish you a good tail wind in choosing a car radio!Remember that, perhaps, not only will you use it, so consider this when choosing.

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