How to choose a grenade?

Pomegranate is a heat-loving plant, giving stone fruit, although scientists have proven that it is still berries. True, the berry is not at all small in size and has a very complex structure. Outside, the pomegranate is covered with a hard peel, and inside it a lot of small berries ripen. Each of them is covered with an outer shell and in each there is a seed.

Pomegranate value

It is difficult to list all the positive properties of pomegranate, but in general it is a large vitamin complex. Therefore, the use of pomegranate in its natural form or in the form of juice is often recommended by doctors for various diseases.

Pomegranate practically does not contribute to the appearance of allergic reactions, even its presence in the children's diet is completely superfluous. For an adult, pomegranate is just a tasty fruit; a developed body needs vitamins, but not as much as a child, using for their development each received vitamin. But since the children's organism is still unstable, it is necessary to choose only the best for it. How to choose a ripe pomegranate for a child?

At first glance, it is impossible to assess the degree of maturity of a pomegranate, but this is for a person unaware of his secrets. In fact, there are several ways, the use of which will allow you to determine how to choose the right grenade and not miscalculate with its maturity.

Criteria for the selection of ripe pomegranate

It is worth paying attention to such external signs as the color of the pomegranate peel and its condition, size and weight, sound made when tapping, elasticity. The color of the peel of an unripe pomegranate is lighter, while the overripe pomegranate peel is covered with cracks and often dark spots. To buy a ripe pomegranate, you need to focus on the bright red or dark red color of the peel, which has no flaws in the form of cracks and spots.

The larger the pomegranate, the more berries it contains. The most ripe among the pomegranates is the one that will have more weight among the fruits of the same size as it. This is justified by the fact that ripe fruits are heavier since they contain more juice in the berries. By tapping method, the maturity of a pomegranate can be determined from the sound received. The metallic sound indicates that the fetus is a ripe, deaf sound that the fetus did not reach, but the muffled - about its overripe. By pressing lightly on the grenade, you can also determine its maturity. Hard pomegranate means unripe.Soft means overcame. Only an elastic pomegranate will be ripe.

Source of vitamins

Now, knowing how to choose a grenade for a child, you can safely include it in the diet. Especially pomegranate is relevant in the winter when traditional sources of vitamins in the form of our fruits are expensive and it’s not a fact that they are grown without the use of various stimulants that subsequently have a negative impact on human health. Pomegranate is recommended for children and pregnant women to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Pomegranate is a pure product. The only problem is that it is imported into the country mainly in the green state. Therefore, methods for determining the maturity of pomegranate are of great importance.

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