How to choose a haircut?

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How to choose a haircut?

If a woman wants to change something in her life, she changes her hairstyle or haircut. And indeed, nothing can transform your image so much as a new haircut. But in order for these changes to be for the better, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of how to choose the right haircut.

Properly chosen haircut should emphasize your strengths and hide flaws. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the shape of the face. But it is also worth considering the length and thickness of the neck, shoulder line, hair type.

If you do not plan to drastically change the style of clothing, your new haircut shouldA haircutApproach everyday wardrobe. Some of the hairstyles require mandatory styling. Think about whether you will be able to do this every day.

In humans, there are five main forms of the face:

  • oval,
  • round,
  • square,
  • rectangular,
  • triangular.

The following recommendations will help you to choose a haircut according to the shape of your face.

Oval face shape

Oval is called the shape of the face, which is characterized by wide cheekbones,A haircuttapering down, pointed chin and broad forehead. Such a person is considered perfect. He goes to almost any hairstyle, because all the nuances of the selection of haircuts for other forms are reduced to a visual transformation into oval. However, if your “oval” is too elongated, opt for haircuts with bangs. She will hide part of her forehead and her face will become more harmonious. And if you want to lengthen the face a little, bangs are contraindicated for you, with the exception of asymmetric ones.

Round face shape

The owners of a round face the distance between the forehead, chin and cheekbonesA haircutalmost the same. The hairstyle should visually lengthen the face and make it thinner. If the density of the hair allows, long straight hair with short bangs will be an ideal choice. From short haircuts, those that create volume or a “hedgehog” at the crown and even strands hiding cheeks look good. It is not necessary for girls with round faces to make small curls for themselves, they will emphasize the roundness of the face. It is also worth refraining from excessively curvy hairstyles that will make the face disproportionate.

Square face shape

If you have a wide forehead, square chin and angular cheekbones, you are the ownerA haircutsquare shaped faces. Haircut should soften these angles and lengthen the face. You can experiment with asymmetrical hairstyles, which have long front strands. If you lay them in waves or give them a rounded shape, facial features soften noticeably. Beware of symmetrical haircuts with parted hair and removed from the face, as well as thick long bangs that emphasize the massiveness of the chin and lower jaw.

Rectangular face shape

The rectangular face is different from the square narrow cheekbones, which give itA haircutexcessive elongation. How to choose your perfect haircut will help you this advice: pay attention to the options with bangs to the eyebrows, as well as creating a volume at the chin. As in the case of a square face, curls and waves will help soften the features. Be careful with any haircuts that will open the face. They emphasize its natural angularity.

Triangular face shape

Wide cheekbones and narrow chin - a sure sign of a triangular shape. Your task -A haircutvisually reduce the upper part of the face. This can be achieved with the help of long asymmetric bangs. The bouffant will help to slightly lengthen the shape of the face, making it more harmonious.But what should not be done is to choose haircuts, in which the front strands fall below the cheekbones.

The program for modeling haircuts

If you always want to have a program for modeling haircuts and hairstyles, install the program Hair Pro on your computer. It contains a large number of finished hairstyles, but you can also model your own. Principle of operation:

  1. Upload a photo;
  2. Go to the control panel with templates haircuts;
  3. Choose a haircut, changing the thickness and color of hair.

Online programs

If you are not sure of the correctness of the choice, you can use the program for the selection of haircuts online. There are now a huge number of them, but the principle of all comes down to one.

  1. You upload your portrait to the server, then follow the prompts, mark the boundaries of the face, sometimes the eyes, mouth, nose.
  2. The program processes your data and offers to choose a hairstyle.
  3. If you wish, you can also experiment with hair color.

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