How to choose a melon? Melon varieties with photo

Without which you can not imagine any real summer? Of course, without melons. If you call them more familiar, then without a melon and watermelon can not imagine any warm summer. However, such a delicacy can be quite tasteless, if you do not know how to choose the melon or watermelon. Often, the fruit looks very appetizing, but in fact turns out to be watery and tasteless.

how to choose a melon

Such incidents threaten the fact that the buyer will forever be disappointed in these summer fruits. About how to decide on the most delicious and juicy watermelon, conversations are ongoing and therefore do not cause so many questions. However, those who cannot live without a sweet honey aroma, it will be more interesting and more useful to learn how to choose a melon so that it pleases, and does not irritate, taste and olfactory receptors.

The most common types of gourds

It is necessary to immediately determine what kind of fruit is needed. This, by the way, is also one of the rules for choosing a melon.At a minimum, the color and structure of the peel of each variety will be different. In Central Russia, the most common are the "kolkhoznitsa" and "torpedo", since they are most conveniently carried from the south of the country. In addition, these melons are well preserved during transport. However, in nature there is a much larger number of various species of this gourd culture.

What are the best varieties?

All varieties of melons with photos, we will not describe now. We will highlight a few. Make a small list, which will include the best varieties of melons:

  1. Aikido. This variety matures within two months, is round and green or golden yellow in color. It grows both in open field and in to choose a melon
  2. Delano. Melon of this type is called pineapple. Ripens in a little over 2 months. Melon oval and yellow. In addition, it has a deliciously sweet taste.
  3. Petra. Another pineapple melon. The peel of the fruit has a bright yellow color, and it weighs from two to three kilograms. The ripe melon of Peter has a creamy texture and an expressive fragrant aroma. She needs about two months to mature. However, melons of this variety are not stored for very long - only 7-10 days.
  4. Don Quixote. The color of the melon rind of this variety resembles rather a watermelon. Only the shape of the fruit is more elongated, and there are no black stripes on the surface. Such a melon weighs a lot - one copy at least three kilograms. The mass of some even reaches 6 kg.
  5. Voller. Melons of this variety are round and light brown in color. In addition, the creamy-white flesh of the fruit has great taste.


However, apart from the taste and aroma of the melon, they are also remarkable in that they have a positive effect on digestion. By eating a piece, you can improve the condition of the skin and increase the body's resistance to infections. Moreover, nutritionists have developed a special diet based on eating a melon.

ripe melon

It allows you not to experience the painful feelings of hunger and at the same time safely lose weight. However, all these wonderful properties are available only to those who know the secret of how to choose the right melon. Now we will give some tips on this.

The smell and sound of melon

First, you need to pay attention to the smell. Melon, which has already managed to ripen, exudes a very delicate and pleasant aroma. Such a fruit will taste sweet.If the melon smells of nothing or emits a smell of greenery, then it is better to set it aside.

Secondly, the quality of a melon, like a watermelon, depends on the sound it makes after it is slapped. The sound must be deaf. This means that the fruit is ripe and ready to eat.

What is the peel of the fruit?

Now we will understand in more detail how to choose a melon. Ripe fruit can be determined by the peel. Crust of ripe melon springs, if you press it with your finger. It often happens that after a fetus is pressed, traces of the skin remain, or even it is easily pressed. This is a clear sign that the melon was held in the warehouse for too long, and she managed to spoil herself. This product is not worth buying in any case.

Fruit color

How to choose a melon? Now tell another rule. True, it is suitable only for "torpedoes". The color of the melon should be uniform, without stains. And the tail is dried. But the place where the flower was located (from the side opposite to the tail) should be a bit soft.

Other recommendations for choosing

There are also general rules that are applicable not only for melons, but also for watermelons. So, you should not buy the fruit in tents near the roads, because the origin of the products will never be known for sure, as well as the storage conditions.Tents not far from the highway should be marked with a red warning sign. After all, the watermelon or melon bought there absorbed a huge amount of exhaust. The point is not so much in taste as in the usefulness of such fruits.

best melon varieties

In addition, in no case should not take the fruit, lying on the ground. And even better not to buy watermelon or melon, which is cut by the seller. Indeed, despite all their assurances, no one can vouch for the cleanliness of the knife. While inadequate cleanliness of dishes could lead to the development of harmful bacteria in the fetus.

In addition, you should not believe the sellers, who say that they will definitely tell you how to choose the melon correctly. It should be remembered that their goal - to quickly sell the fruit. Therefore, it is better to rely solely on your knowledge and experience.

You can also ask the seller for a license to trade and the conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological commission that the place of sale is safe, and the fruit itself does not contain any harmful substances that can harm the human body. If the seller refuses to provide the documents, it is better to buy the product in another place.

melon varieties with photos

It should also be remembered that the melon season begins only in late August and early September.Therefore, the chance to buy a truly tasty fruit at this time is much higher than, for example, in July or June.

Small conclusion

Of course, choosing a melon is much more difficult than watermelon or, in general, apples or peaches, but this is not a reason to get upset. The main thing is to correctly follow all the recommendations and not to trust the sellers of the word. Have a good choice!

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