How to choose birth control pills?

The range of oral contraceptives is expanding every year. However, despite this diversity, all birth control pills can be divided into several main types. Each of them is suitable for a specific category of women.

Microdose contraceptives

Microdose pills are designed for young girls who are under 25 years old. The composition of these drugs contains a small amount of hormones, but this is enough to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The main advantage of microdose contraceptives is a small amount of side effects. In addition, they effectively eliminate the problems associated with unstable hormones, such as teenage acne, pain during menstruation, and so on. The most popular today microdosage contraceptive pills are Tri-Mercy, Yarin, Mersilon.

Low-dose contraceptives

This type of birth control pill is suitable for young women and those who have already had a baby. The composition of low-dose contraceptives include various types of hormones, but they necessarily include ethinyl estradiol. The main advantage of these pills is that they have an anti-androgenic effect, that is, they are effective in combating severe hair growth, acne, hair loss and so on. It is important to remember that low-dose contraceptives have a number of side effects, including nausea, mood swings, weakness. Among the most well-known birth control pills of this type are the following: "Regulon", "Marvelon", "Janine".

Medium dose contraceptives

Medium-dose contraceptives are usually prescribed to women over 30 and those who have repeatedly undergone pregnancy and childbirth. In addition to ethinyl estradiol, they include levonorgestrel. This type of contraceptive pill is great for regulating hormonal levels. It also has antiandrogenic effects and a number of side effects.Medium-dose contraceptives include Diana 35, Chloe, Tri-Regol.

High-dose contraceptives

In such tablets contains levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol in high dosages. They are used in most cases in the treatment of neglected hormonal diseases in women over 35 years old. Such contraceptives have their side effects: worsening of mood, nausea, weight loss, and so on. These drugs include "Ovidon", "Non-Avon" and others.

Progestin contraceptives

As part of progestin pills no estrogen hormone. In addition, they have a low contraceptive effect, so it is very important to take them strictly by the hour. They are assigned to women during lactation, as they do not harm the health of the child. By progestin tablets include "Escluton" and "Charozetta".

Before you choose oral contraceptives, it is strongly recommended to visit a gynecologist, pass an examination and pass a series of tests. Based on this, a specialist will tell you which pills you should start taking.

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