How to cleanse your skin?

It is no secret that the first step to natural beauty is to clean the skin. At the same time, this procedure applies not only to representatives of the beautiful half of the population, but also to the male half. The question arises of how to properly clean the skin of the face without causing harm to it. After all, each of us has our own skin type, respectively, has its own peculiarities.

Daily cleaning

Immediately, we note that tap water and soap can cause significant harm to the skin. Since such water, first of all, is hard, and soap - dries the skin. Therefore, you need to use a variety of special tools that are designed for all skin types. By the way, they are with alcohol content and without it, and, of course, the second option is better, so that the skin does not experience excessive stress. Cleaning according to skin type:

  • Normal skin. There are a number of advantages, the skin does not peel off and has a pinkish tint. It is elastic and smooth, as it contains enough moisture. Owners of this type of skin fit the most common lotions and scrubs with the signature "for normal skin."
  • Dry skin. In this case, the skin is tight, tender and flaky. Its condition depends on air temperature. It is particularly bad tolerates soap, which creates irritation and some cream. The best option would be to use cream and milk. To do this, apply one of these products on the face and after a couple of minutes, wash off with a cotton pad. After this procedure, it is recommended to refresh the face with a special tonic for dry skin.
  • Oily skin. Owners of this type of skin can not worry about her earlier aging and wrinkles. But at the same time, acne and acne appear on it, since the pores are always enlarged. It also has shine and becomes very dirty. Therefore, talking about how to clean oily skin, we note hydrophilic or as they are also called - bi-phase means. They combine a fatty base and a cleansing gel. Perfectly wash off makeup and dust, while this type of skin will not react with irritation. Also suitable and skins, gels and scrubs, which are designed specifically for this type of skin.
  • Combined skin. This type of skin is most common. On the face there are areas of oily skin and dry.Therefore, care should be thorough and different means applied to different parts of the skin. Here various skins and gels will do, but it is worth remembering that they will have to be washed off well. Otherwise, they will cause allergies in combination with makeup.

Deep cleaning

The most frequently asked question is how to clean the skin of the face, owners of problem skin, where there are already a large number of acne and acne. Therefore, deep cleaning is especially required here. We suggest you familiarize yourself with its stages.

  • Steaming. This procedure is mandatory before deep cleaning, as the pores will expand and it will be possible to easily remove acne. It is better to steam the skin in water with herbs, wiping it with a cotton pad.
  • Cleaning the nose. Squeeze acne by pressing your fingers, you can also use a needle that you want to wipe with an alcohol solution. If after squeezing the blood or the nodule goes, you need to wait until it comes out and wipe it with a cotton pad, which we wet in the same herb bath.
  • Clearing the forehead. We do everything the same way as in the area of ​​the nose. True, there may be problems, because the skin is tight, so you can use a spoon.
  • Chin cleaning. This procedure should be performed at the end of deep cleaning, and it is best to once again steam the face. Here you need to be extremely careful, as you can carry the infection.
  • Skin treatment After the deep cleansing of the skin in separate areas, you need to wipe the skin with an alcohol solution, because the skin is damaged. After which a cream, mask or lotion is applied in order for the skin to recover. Such cleaning should be carried out about two times a month.

Professional cleaning in salons

Such cleaning is considered mandatory at least once every six months. There are plenty of ways to cleanse the skin and bring it to perfect condition. From different therapies to massages. For example, vacuum cleaning, completely painless and resembles the operation of a vacuum cleaner, it not only cleans the skin from dirt and dust, but also improves blood circulation, which directly affects the appearance of the skin. But galvanotherapy, with the help of special solutions and electric current, not only cleans the skin from dirt and comedones, but also opens up narrow pores. This procedure is intended for sensitive dry skin of the face and is completely painless.

In any case, various beauty salons offer their own ways of cleaning. And in response to the question of how to quickly clean the skin of the face, the doctors themselves recommend them, since under the house cleaning conditions, you can significantly harm the skin, which then will have to be fixed on the surgical table.

Remember that in the beauty salon can not give a guarantee on the long-term effect of procedures, if you yourself will not watch your skin. Here it is meant that the makeup must be washed off, not only at bedtime, but every time you come home. In the mornings, it is also necessary to wash the skin of the face and it is absolutely forbidden to touch the face with your hands, otherwise you will not avoid serious skin problems. Now you know what there are ways to clean the skin, useful for her.

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