How to collect gear?

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How to collect gear?

In order to go fishing, every angler must be prepared, gathering their gear. Next, we analyze how to assemble tackles with their own hands, including for spinning.

How to collect spinning tackle

As in the case of a normal fishing rod, first of all, you will need a rod, reel, fishing line, leash, zip, spare spool, braid or mono, as well as a bait, in this case lure. From them it is possible to make equipment like Ultra Light.

  1. Assembling gear begins with the cord being wound onto a spool. The cord is pre-wetted in water and, when it is completely wet, it must be installed on a special machine, which is a regular axis with fasteners. The cord in its coil as it sits on this axis and is fixed on top with fasteners
  2. Next, the cord must be threaded through a special ring on the rod: open the reel arm, tie the cord to the reel with a simple noose. Rotating the handle, wind the cord on the coil.
  3. If you have a lot of space left on the reel, use the so-called backing. As a backing, you can use a regular braid. Wind the braid on the coil and tie it in a knot.
  4. You should be prepared for the fact that one winding will not be enough for you. Therefore, prepare in advance another shpulu on which you must reel the fishing line and backing. Remember that for the correct laying of the cord is very important that the cord is wound under tension, and therefore you should use the help of a partner.
  5. Tie a leash on the main fishing line. Use for this any of the desired nodes, taking into account what your mining will be - the larger it will be, the stronger the node must be.
  6. After you have tied the line and leash, fasten the clasp to which you will need to attach a hook or spinner with a hook.
  7. You can use any other bait. It all depends on what kind of prey you are going to catch.

Thus, the gear is ready, but it must be tested. If you do not have such an opportunity, you will have to rely on luck. If you still have the opportunity to try out your equipment, be sure to use it.

Snap test

To test your rig, do the following:

  1. Cast the bait or spinning.
  2. Wrap the reel according to how many centimeters it is in one turn.
  3. Count the number of turns you made.
  4. Multiply by the length of the fishing line in one turn, and you get the length for fishing. We draw your attention to the fact that if you see a different length on the package with a fishing line, you should not trust the manufacturer’s word, since the length indicated on the package is nominal.

A few tips for picking a snap

  1. First, decide on what kind of booty you are going to go. If you are interested in small prey, then the equipment will suit the corresponding. Use a tool such as ultralight or just light version. Such tooling does not involve the use of carbines and thick leashes. Conversely, if you are going to catch a large or strong fish, then use such a snap, which is the most durable and convenient.
  2. It will not be superfluous to use special carbines. They will help create a knotless type of connection that will provide strength, so necessary when fishing for large fish.

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