How to cook burgers?

At first glance it seems that cutlets are something that can be cooked in a hurry when there is no time. Of course, yes, you can buy incomprehensible quality (composition, taste, smell, etc.) cutlets in the store and throw them into the frying pan. But our conversation is not about these cutlets. We will reveal all the secrets and subtleties of the full preparation of meatballs: from the choice of meat to the process of proper frying. Yes, yes, it is the right one, since cooking cutlets is a whole science, a process that requires attention and care at every stage.

Cooking meatballs: preparation

We start cooking meatballs with a choice of meat, as it is safer to cook meatballs from homemade meat. Firstly, you probably know what your cutlet is made of; secondly, you can vary the composition, choosing your favorite meat; thirdly, you will make cutlets from fresh mince (you can only guess from the meat of what freshness was made shop mince).

Mixed mince is considered the most successful. Buy a piece of fresh beef and a piece of pork, about 1: 1. Twice meat through a meat grinder.When you put the meat in a meat grinder, alternate slices of pork and beef. Pure beef patties are not recommended, as they will be dryish; pork, on the contrary, are too fat. The combination will create the perfect balance. Combine pork and chicken to make more tender meatballs. It is not recommended to take the stuffing of one chicken, as it is difficult to cook the chicken cutlets from the stuffing, they spread out. Chicken cutlets are made from pieces of meat, but more on that later.

To make the cutlets pomp and airiness, you need to add to the minced white bread (bun), pre-soaked in milk. A ratio of about 1: 3, that is, per kilogram of minced meat, take 300 grams of white bread. Milk so much to soak. Soak muffled bun or knead with a blender and mix thoroughly with minced meat.

Probably, you heard that you need to add eggs to mince. This is usually done for viscosity so that the cutlets do not disintegrate, however, the proteins give the cutlets rigidity. For viscosity, we already have white bread (gluten in it), and to add special tenderness and juiciness to the cutlets, we will add only 2-3 raw yolks (per kilogram of minced meat).

Salt and pepper mince at your discretion.Fresh greens will give a special juiciness and piquancy.

You can add onions to taste, here on the fan: fresh finely chopped; slightly fried (just put it in the stuffing after cooling); juicy work, if you miss the onion in a blender or meat grinder.

It is best to mix the stuffing with your hands, carefully (it will take a lot of effort).

If you notice that the stuffing is dry, add hot water (just a few spoons, gradually) or milk.

Let the meat stand to absorb all the flavors of the spices (10-15 minutes in the fridge is enough).

Cooking patties: the process

  1. Form of minced balls of the desired size, slightly flattened them.
  2. Prepare a batter: eggs, milk, some flour (like a batter). The batter is very important in cooking cutlets. “Sealed” in batter and breaded (crackers, flour) cutlets retain all the juice inside them, which makes them incredibly juicy. Roll the patty in the egg, then in the breadcrumbs, again in the egg and again in the breadcrumbs. This double breading will save all the juice.
  3. Frying pan is better to take iron. It should be very well heated, pre-pouring oil. The temperature is also very important in the process of making cutlets.If the pan is not heated enough, then the putties will lose their juice, because the batter is not “sealed”, but will spread. In the end, get dry tortillas. Just make sure the patties are not burnt.
  4. Place the fried patties on both sides in a thick-walled dish, cover with a lid (you can still wrap) and let it brew. From their own heat, they will reach readiness and get soft.

Above, we have already said that chicken mince in its pure form is not entirely successful in terms of cooking meatballs. But this does not mean that you can not cook chicken cutlets, the main thing is to know how to do it correctly. And the right thing is not to turn the already tender chicken meat into stuffing. Understand the algorithm will help one recipe.

How to cook chicken Kiev

You will need chicken breast (this is it, this is the whole essence of the recipe), as well as butter (about 150 grams), greens (parsley, dill), bread crumbs, eggs (2 pieces), pepper, salt and a lot of vegetable oil (for deep-frying).


We remove the skin from the breast and cut it in half. Each of these halves will also consist of two parts, which are formed in a natural way (you will see that each half of the breast will break up into a larger part and smaller). Separate completely small part from large.

Be sure to remove the tendons (usually on small pieces). Left tendons can deform the patty during frying.

Make a cut (not to the end) along a large piece of fillet and open it like a book.

Carefully discard large and small fillets, removing the pieces in the package. Take care not to tear the fillet, otherwise the cutlets will not work!

Fillet set aside.


Butter should be slightly softened. Chop finely greens and mix with oil, salt. From the oil form sticks ("bumps"). They should be frozen in the freezer (7-9 minutes).

We make a cutlet

Fold a large chipped fillet, salt and pepper. We lay our oil bar on it. Top close with a small fillet and wrap large, forming a patty of oblong shape. The most important rule: there should be no gaps anywhere, otherwise the oil will leak out during the frying process, and it will not be Kiev chicken.

The same must be done with the second pieces, and then remove the chops in the freezer (7-10 minutes).


It will take two containers. In one - slightly beaten eggs with salt; in the other - bread crumbs (breadcrumbs).

Now we do double breading (we already wrote about it above).Make sure that the breading covers cover the whole patty.

Heat oil in a deep frying pan to boil. Ideal if the butter covers the patties. Fry until golden brown on both sides. Boil in oil for a short time, minutes 5.

After putting the burgers on a baking sheet and bring to readiness already in the oven (10-15 minutes in the already preheated).

Serve hot patties.

If you decide to cook fish cutlets, adhere to the same principles of preparation, as you should cook fish cutlets in the same way, taking fish instead of meat. Turn any fish fillet into mince, and then according to the plan.

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