How to cook chicken for chicken fillet - 6 step by step recipes

You can cook homemade chicken dough with the addition of various ingredients: cheese, starch, beer, yeast, spices and spices. Chicken meat is cooked in a tasty shell from the batter in a griddle and in deep fat.

Klyar - quick in cooking dough for dipping products. The main ingredients are flour, eggs and milk. On the consistency of the batter is liquid or thick, to taste - salty, slightly sweet and bland.

Cooking tricks

  1. For a very thick slurry, use starch.
  2. Mineral sparkling water gives extra caviar to chicken batter, as well as fish batter. The bubbles contained in the liquid will increase the oxygen content in the dough. The more gases in the water, the more luxuriant and airy the shell will turn out.
  3. Try to cook eggs separately from the rest of the ingredients. Beat up the foam in a bowl.then gradually mix with other components of the batter. It is better to beat the eggs from the refrigerator, rather than at room temperature.

The easiest recipe klyara - classic

Photos of chicken fillet in batter

The classic technology of cooking chicken batter without additional ingredients and intricacies. Simple, fast and very tasty.

  • Chicken fillet - 500 g,
  • Vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon,
  • Flour - 2 large spoons,
  • Eggs - 2 things,
  • Milk - 30 ml,
  • Salt, pepper - to taste.
  1. I start cooking fillet batter. Washed, cut into long pieces. Roll in a mixture of pepper and salt.
  2. Beat eggs with milk. Gradually spread the flour. Stir, get creamy mixture. Additionally, put salt and pepper in a batter.
  3. I put the pan on the stove. Warming up on medium heat. Dip each piece of chicken fillet in the prepared composition and send it to the pan.
  4. Toss chicken pieces on each side.
  5. I shift it onto a plate covered with kitchen napkins. Wiping chicken to remove excess fat.
Video recipe

Served chicken on the table with greens and favorite sauce.

Klare for chicken wings as in KFC

KFC juicy wings

  • Wings - 1.5 kg,
  • Wheat flour - 10 tablespoons (including 4 large spoons for breading)
  • Starch - 3 large spoons,
  • Egg - 1 piece,
  • Vegetable oil - 1 liter
  • Water - 200 ml,
  • Chicken mix - 1 tablespoon,
  • Dry herbs (Provencal, Italian and others) - 1 teaspoon,
  • Salt - 1 tsp,
  • Ground black pepper - half a small spoon,
  • Red pepper, paprika - to taste.
  1. I clean the chicken wings from the rest of the feathers, wash and dry them with paper towels.
  2. Cut into 3 parts. I shift in a deep bowl.
  3. Add salt and 2 large spoons of water, pepper. Stir well. I leave for 1 hour.
  4. In a separate bowl I prepare the batter. I mix starch with flour, put all the spices. I mix. Add an extra amount of salt to taste.

Helpful advice.To make the breading less hard, reduce the ratio of starch to flour.

  1. I mix eggs with water. Gently beat. Poured to a mixture of spices. Constantly interfering, add new water. The batter for the chicken will turn out not too thick, its consistency is close to kefir.
  2. I take out the wings from the dishes with salt and pepper, put them in the batter.I mix, so that each piece is thoroughly soaked.
  3. To obtain a crispy crust, I use dry breading. I prepare as follows: add a small amount of paprika (to give a different color), salt and pepper to the flour.
  4. The wings of the batter rolled in flour. It is better to do alternately with each particle, not allowing the batter to drain into the plate. Sending wings to the pan.
  5. Pour vegetable oil into the pan. I take the tank more capaciously and deeper so that the wings can float freely. I bring the oil to a boil. I lower to the formation of a light blush.

Helpful advice.Cook over high heat in a thick-walled pot that holds heat well. Otherwise, the wings slowly prepare and absorb a large amount of oil that will become greasy and tasteless.

  1. I spread the finished wings on a plate in batter as in KFC. I wipe it from all sides with napkins, removing excess fat. Laying in the pan a new batch.

Helpful advice.Use the oven if, due to the wrong temperature setting, the meat turned out to be raw inside.

Video preparation

How to make beer beer for chicken

Beer batter fillet with sauce

  • Fillet - 600 g,
  • Beer - 125 ml,
  • Egg - 1 piece,
  • Lemon - half peel,
  • Vegetable oil - for roasting,
  • Salt, pepper, dried tomatoes - to taste.
  1. I cut chicken fillet into thin strips. Salt and pepper on both sides.
  2. I beat the egg, pour the cooled beer (variety at your discretion), salt, pepper and put half of the lemon zest. Add spices to taste. I like to use dried tomatoes in liquid beer dough.
  3. Actively mixed until a homogeneous mass without lumps.
  4. Pour the vegetable oil on the pan. I heat up the stove.
  5. Dipping chicken in a liquid mixture. Throw in the pan. Cooking until golden brown on one side. Then turn over to another.
  6. Be sure to remove excess fat with paper towels.

Served crispy chicken in beer batter in hot condition with fresh chopped herbs and ketchup. Bon Appetit!

Quick Cheese Recipe

Photos of chicken thighs in batter

Cheese batter is suitable for finished poultry. Cook chicken legs or thighs in the microwave, then dip in the batter and fry in a pan. Chicken will turn out crispy, with an extraordinary taste.

  • Cheese - 100 g,
  • Eggs - 2 things,
  • Flour - 2 large spoons,
  • Vegetable oil - for frying,
  • Spices and spices - to taste.
  1. I beat eggs with flour. Adding mayonnaise.
  2. I rub cheese on a fine grater. I mix with other ingredients. To speed up the process using a blender.
  3. I add a small amount of pepper, salt and spices to the mixture.

Helpful advice.Salt in moderation, the finished chicken is already salty and pepper.

  1. I put a griddle with vegetable oil to warm up. Cooking time is determined by the color of the batter. Do not forget to fry on both sides.
  2. Spread on a plate, previously covered with paper towels. Giving fat soak. Dab on top of napkins.


How to make crispy batter with starch

Chicken fillet in batter on a plate

  • Chicken (filet portion) - 400 g,
  • Starch - 4 large spoons,
  • Flour - 2 tablespoons,
  • Egg white - 1 piece,
  • Vegetable oil - 100 ml,
  • Salt, pepper - to taste.
  1. I cut the chicken fillet into portioned pieces no more than 1 cm thick.
  2. Sift flour in a bowl. I put 4 tablespoons of starch. Thoroughly mix with salt, pepper and other spices (taste).
  3. In the dry mix lay out the fillet pieces.
  4. In a separate bowl, beat egg white.
  5. Pour over the chicken.Gently but vigorously mix.
  6. Pour a large amount of oil into the pan. I warm up. Spread the fillet pieces. Fry from 2 sides over medium heat. Do not allow burning.

Served on the table with a delicate cream sauce.

Sour cream for chicken chops

Spicy chicken wings

  • Chicken fillet (or wings) - 500 g,
  • Sour cream - 2 big spoons,
  • Eggs - 2 things,
  • Flour - 4 tablespoons,
  • Vegetable oil - for frying,
  • Salt, pepper - to taste.
  1. The chicken is thoroughly mine. I cut on thin plates. If I took a fillet, I beat off every bit with a kitchen mallet. Sprinkle with pepper and salt. Leave for a while.
  2. Beat eggs, put sour cream. Salt Thoroughly beat with a whisk until smooth. Gradually add the sifted flour until the mixture thickens. The consistency should get sour cream.
  3. Dipping chicken in batter. I send it to a strongly heated pan with vegetable oil.
  4. Roast for 4 to 7 minutes on each side. Fire is above average. Keep track of frying time. Meat should not remain raw inside.
Video recipe

The finished dish is seasoned with cream-cheese sauce, decorated with fresh herbs.

Calorie batter for chicken

Properly cooked batter from good ingredients has an excellent taste. However, the use of liquid dough leads to an increase in caloric content of the product. Especially important when cooking in deep fat with a large amount of oil, which increases the fat content.

The standard calorie content of chicken eggs, wheat flour and cow's milk (medium fat) is 170–200 kcal per 100 g.

To abuse chicken in batter is not recommended for people who are overweight. Observe the measure, from time to time spoiling yourself and your beloved households with a delicious chicken with a crisp crust.

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