How to cook chicken in a pan? Pan Chicken - Recipe

If you have heard the offensive for someone saying that "the chicken is not a bird," then do not think that this is a reproach to a noble feathered one. Chicken is not only valuable fluff, but also tasty, dietary meat. The ideal way to cook chicken is in the oven, where the meat will become really juicy and tender. But in the pan you can cook a delicious dish. In this post we will talk about how to cook chicken in a pan.

"Hen Ryaba"

What is the main advantage of chicken meat is also its disadvantage - it is excessive leanness and dryness. Chicken legs and wings are covered with sandpaper, and therefore more fat.

chicken pan recipe

But the breast is a favorite part of athletes, and unloved - other "normal" people. Therefore, to make the chicken tasty and juicy, it is best to cook it in a slow cooker or oven. But what to do if there is no such possibility, but what about chicken and frying pan? Consider the recipes that will allow you to cook such a dish as a delicious chicken in a pan.Believe that, following the recommendations below, you will receive such delicious dishes that guests or homemade will be delighted to ask for more!

Chicken fillet in a pan

If you have chicken fillet available, then this is a reason for cooking delicious food. Not only is the meat of the fillet very tender and contains almost no fat, it is also very easy and quick to prepare. So, you no longer have to wrestle with the question: "How to cook chicken on the skull?" Follow these instructions! You will need: chicken fillet - a pound half, a chicken egg - 2 pieces, flour - 1 tablespoon, spices, sunflower oil.

We will cook tender chops. First of all, wash the meat, remove the films from it, cut out the cartilage with a knife, if they are. Cut each piece of fillet with a knife across. After that, the meat must be slightly repulsed, but since the chicken is much softer than pork, then, so that the meat does not get damaged, cover it with a plastic wrap before beating. Beat the fillets without strength, gently tapping with a hammer, then salt and add your favorite spices. Prepare the batter. For this mixer, combine a pinch of salt, flour and egg. Heat the pan and slightly grease it.Dip the pieces of meat in a batter and put it in the pan. Fry the chops from both sides, for 4-5 minutes under the lid closed - in the end you get the most tender chicken in a pan. You can use this recipe for any kind of meat and fish.

Another delicious recipe - chicken cutlets

how to cook chicken in a pan

How to cook chicken in a pan? Try to make it in the form of chops from minced meat.

You will need: chicken fillet - half a pound, chicken egg - 2 pieces, sour cream - 1 tablespoon, flour - 2 tablespoons, butter - 1 tablespoon, spices.

As in the first recipe, prepare the meat. Wash it in running water, remove unnecessary films, wires. Cut the meat into small cubes, the smaller they are, the better. Beat in an egg, add sour cream, spices and flour, mix well with your hands. We will fry such burgers without klyar, they will not fall apart, as the mass will turn out quite thick. Heat the pan, grease it with butter and sprinkle with a spoon the cutlet mass. Fry the patties for 3-4 minutes on each side, without closing the lid.

Chicken in cream sauce

The main "problem" of chicken in dryness.To relieve this noble poultry from such a gastronomic disadvantage, you can, if you prepare a dish like chicken in a frying pan in a sauce.

delicious chicken in a pan

You will need: chicken fillet - half a kilo, cream - 100 ml, “Druzhba” processed cheese - 1 piece (100 grams), fresh parsley, spices, butter.

Wash the meat, remove the film and cut it into portions. Heat the pan, grease with a piece of butter and put the meat, salt it and add spices. Fry the chicken until golden brown.

While the chicken is fried, the cream cheese must be rubbed on a grater. Pour the cream in to the chicken, and after 3-4 minutes add the cheese. Cover the pan with a lid - let the chicken stew in sauce over low heat for about 15-20 minutes. Wash the parsley, chop it finely and add to the chicken 2 minutes before being cooked. This chicken will be juicy and soft, and the sauce can be added to the side dishes.

Chicken legs in plum sauce

The easiest answer to the question of how to cook chicken in the pan, is to fry. But since it is not interesting just to fry from the point of view of gastronomy, we will use a delicious and unusual plum sauce.

chicken fillet in a pan

Take the following ingredients: chicken legs - half a kilogram, blue plums - 200 grams, mayonnaise - 150 grams, dried basil, garlic - a couple of teeth, salt, spices, butter.

Rinse the chicken legs thoroughly. Heat the pan, grease and put the legs. Fry them from both sides for several minutes.

While the legs are preparing, you need to prepare the sauce. Remove the bones from the washed plums, lower the pulp into a blender. Add mayonnaise, two garlic cloves, basil and spices. Blend the ingredients well until a homogeneous thick mass is obtained.

When the legs get a golden hue, pour the sauce into the pan and close it with a lid. The sweet-sour taste of the plum will set off the neutral taste of chicken legs, while garlic and basil will create an aromatic, piquant composition. Cook the legs for about 10 minutes, then serve to the table.

Some cooking secrets

What should I do to succeed the chicken in the pan? The recipe for "happiness" is not one, there are quite a few of them, but take note of these general recommendations:

chicken in a pan in sauce

  1. Delicious sauce - half the success. Since chicken meat is fresh and almost fat-free, make the sauce fat and rich, preferably based on cream, sour cream or mayonnaise.Do not be afraid to add completely unexpected ingredients like fruits.
  2. How to cook chicken in a pan to make it tasty? The basic rule is the freshness of the meat. Do not buy a thawed bird, even if it is cheaper - such savings will not give you the perfect dish. The fillet must be fresh and have the following characteristics: odorless and light pink in color, not dribbling with blood or clear liquid.
  3. A frying pan on which you will fry a chicken is quite important in the final result. Let it be high-quality utensils, preferably with a non-stick coating.

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