How to cook in aerogrill?

Convection oven is a technical novelty of the XXI century. This really useful device should rightfully be in every home. It can simultaneously replace the microwave and oven. If you think that the magic stove does not exist, you are mistaken. And therefore, today we will tell you how to cook in aerogrill.

First, let's look at what this miracle furnace is capable of, and what it is.

Possibilities convection oven

  • Convection oven can serve as a fryer, steamer, toaster, it is possible to bake chicken, kebabs, cook soups, cereals, make aspic and sterilize. You can also bake meringue, cakes and croissants.
  • With convection grill you can save a lot of time. While you walk with your child or go shopping, a miracle to bake everything for you will prepare. It goes something like this: You put the products in the convection oven, put them on a timer, and calmly go about your business. Household chores will be your joy, and you will not get tired of the painful cooking in the kitchen.
  • Convection is able to save all the vitamins. Cooking vegetables for a couple, you only will please your own stomach. You will be healthy and beautiful, as well as always full. And you will not have high cholesterol.
  • Also important and caloric intake. Now it will be much less, and the food is healthy and healthy. You can easily prepare french fries without any oil. But it will crunch like chips. You can always surprise loved ones.
  • Convection oven is more economical in terms of electricity. A microwave or electric grill spends more energy.

How to use convection grill

  • When cooking on aerogrill, you must use the following rules:
  • Before you start cooking, this device must be warmed up.
  • Do not stack all products in a solid pile on the bottom. Use all its grilles.
  • With the burner on, try not to touch the hot glass in order to avoid burns.
  • After the food is cooked, remove the lid of the device and set it aside on a protected surface, as it is also very hot.
  • When you get the food out of the aerogrill, do not look into it as you can burn yourself with steam.
  • In addition to metal gratings and glassware, nothing can be put into the convection oven.

How to smoke in aerogrill

  • For smoking, you will need a preparation that gives smoked meat a peculiar flavor and golden color. This is the usual "liquid smoke".You will also need alder filings, which can be purchased at any supermarket, as they are made specifically for aerogrill.
  • Immediately before smoking, prepare all the products. Rinse the fish or meat, rub them with salt and spices, pour the preparation for smoking. Leave them in this form for a while, so that they marinate, while the temperature should be room temperature. Usually, fish is marinated for about 2 hours and meat for 12 hours.
  • If you are cooking fish or meatloaf, it is better to tie them with a rope of natural fabric so that the smoked meat does not fall apart after cooking. Grease the grate so that nothing sticks to it.
  • Place your fish or meat on the grill and place it on the lowest level of the convection oven. And on the upper level, place the steamer - a special box with holes in which sawdust is poured, slightly moistened with water. Usually, steamer is already included in the airgrill kit
  • For smoked fish, use one-step cooking. Set the working temperature to 180 degrees, and the cooking time to 40 minutes, with an average speed of the device fan.
  • Preheat the convection oven if you will be cooking the meat. Its preparation takes place in 2 stages. Place a piece of meat on a medium grate, and first cook it at a temperature of 230-240 degrees, and with an average fan speed, hold the meat for 10 minutes. Then reduce the temperature to 150 degrees and leave the meat for another 20 minutes.

How to cook in convection oven

Cook in conveying oven is very simple. The main thing for cooking use only glassware. Products cook, as a rule, on an average lattice, at an average speed of rotation of the fan. But it all depends on the model of the device and its power characteristics. Also remember that during cooking it is necessary to stir the food from time to time, if you, say, boil eggs. Remember about the hot glasses, touching which you can get burned.

How to cook in convection oven

You can bake a variety of pastries in conveying ovens. But how to do it right? Read below.

  • Bake on the middle trellis.
  • Time set for 10-20 minutes longer than indicated in the recipe.
  • Foil can only cover the cakes, bake the rest without it.
  • Use only the shape with a hole in the center, because when using a round shape the bottom of the product is not baked.
  • Do not put a high fan speed, as it can burn the top of the product.

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