How to cook mannik with cottage cheese?

Since the 18th century in our country suchdish like mannik with cottage cheese. The classic mannika recipe includes mango, sour cream, sugar, eggs and butter. And add to it you can and apples, and nuts, and berries, and chocolate, and much more.

Mannick with cottage cheese and condensed milk

Separate yolks of 3 eggs from proteins and rub themwith half a glass of sugar, add to them 200 g of cottage cheese, 250 ml of kefir and whisk. Potov Enter 2 tbsp. manki, baking powder (1 tsp) and the same amount of soda. Stir. Whip the whites and enter them into the resulting dough. Then you need to add raisins or dried fruits to your taste, put in a mold and bake (enough for 40 minutes). Taking it out of the oven, you need to make holes in the cake with a match and top up with 1 can of condensed milk. When the mannik cools down, you can turn it over to a plate, cut it and eat it!

Mannick with cottage cheese without eggs

Warm up one glass of milk, add to it150 g butter butter. In a separate bowl, mix a glass of flour with the same amount of cereal manna and a spoon of baking powder, and a mixture of milk and butter. We knead the dough. 350 g curd mixed with half a glass of sugar. In the form of dough and cottage cheese we lay out layers, bake in the oven.

Mannick with cottage cheese, pineapple and strawberries

To make this delicious glass dishmanki pour a glass of yogurt and pineapple juice from 1 jar of canned pineapple. Give the manke to soak well (about 30 minutes), and then add 100 g of butter, as much flour, sugar and cottage cheese, a couple of eggs and a packet of baking powder. Whip it all with a mixer, you will get a liquid dough that you need to fill in the mold, put fresh strawberries and canned pineapples on top (count the amount to your liking) and bake. You can also decorate a mannik with fruits.

Mannick cheese with honey

Mix in a bowl 250 grams of cottage cheese with the samethe amount of manga and 100 grams of sugar, mix carefully and add 2 eggs, a couple of spoonfuls of honey, as much sour cream and a pinch of soda. Raisins must be steamed in boiling water and added also to the dough. Bake mannik for about an hour, and on top of it you can pour glaze.

Air manicure with cottage cheese

Two cups of manga pour two cups of kefirand let it soak for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, whisk 3 eggs together with a bag of vanilla sugar, and mix flour (0.5 stack.) With a baking powder. 150 g butter butter is melted, add to the flour. There we also merge eggs and mango with yogurt and mix well.

Next, we prepare the curd "koloboks". To do this, mix 400 grams of cottage cheese with 50-100 (to taste) g of sugar, a large spoon of sour cream, a teaspoon of flour and 50 g of raisins. When all is impregnated, we roll curd balls.

On the molded part of the test lay outcurd "koloboks", fill the top with the remaining dough and bake. To decorate the mannik you need to prepare the glaze. 30 g of white chocolate melt in a water bath. In a water bath, we mix 2 tsp. sugar with 100 g of sour cream, and when it boils, mix with chocolate.

Mannick on yogurt with cottage cheese and chocolate

Mix 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese with ¾ cupmanki and 2 large spoons of yogurt. We give manke to absorb kefir well. ¾ Stack. sugar grind with 2 eggs, add there 100 grams of softened creamy butter. Beat and mix with manno-cottage cheese mass, add half-spoonfuls of quenched soda and 3 spoons of cocoa. Again we beat. Add half a cup of flour, knead the dough and pour it into the mold.

Apple manicure

Mix one glass of flour with a spoonful of baking powderand a glass of mango. A kilogram of juicy apples is peeled off and three on a grater. If the apples are sweet, add a pint of spoonfuls of lemon juice, add a half cup of sugar (for sweet apples less) and 1 tsp. cinnamon ground. The pan is lubricated and we pour a third of the mixture with flour, a third of apples and 200 g of cottage cheese. Also leave the remaining parts in layers. The top should be a layer of apples, which must be sprinkled with ground nuts (100 g).

Pour a glass of milk into a saucepan, addvanilla and 150 g butter butter. Warm up, not bringing to a boil, and add a pinch of saffron powder. Fold the ingredients in the form with this milk and bake. You can decorate the mannik with powdered sugar.

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