The most popular social network in RuNet offers users a wide variety of services: applications, notes, downloading audio and video materials, announcements, etc. Also, users have the opportunity to create their own community. Before we talk about how to create a group in a contact, let's find out what the group is and what is it for? A group is a community where people with similar interests meet and communicate. For example, there are groups of fans of famous actors, writers, directors and musical groups; You can also join a group of fans of fishing, hunting, House 2, knitting, ballroom dancing, etc. In short, everyone will find a group according to their interests. The number of groups in contact is huge and growing every day. Anyone who has something to share with other members of this social network can create a community. You can independently manage the group, create its design, engage in promotion, etc., or you can make several people administrators of the group, on a par with you.

How to create a group in contact?

This can be done easily and simply, and most importantly, quickly, that for this we need:

  1. Sign up in contact. Naturally, if you do not have an account in this social network, then you will not be able to create a group. How to register in contact, read the corresponding article on our portal.
  2. Go to your page and in the left context menu, select the link "My groups". You will see a page where you can see the groups of which you are a member, invitations to new groups from other users, and management of the communities where you are the administrator. In the upper right corner click on the link "Create Community". How to create a group in contact?How to create a group in contact?
  3. A window called "Creating a New Community" appears. Here you will need to write the name of your group. If your account is not tied to a valid cell phone number, then create a group does not work. Therefore, enter your phone number, and wait until you receive an SMS message with a verification code. After that, your group will be created. How to create a group in contact?
  4. Editing group. You get to the page where you can change the group settings: change the name, description, location, subject and type of group. You can change the settings immediately or do it later. How to create a group in contact?
  5. Community features in contact.In the setup menu you can also select various functions for your group. Check out what you need: news (here you can create a group menu, write necessary information about the community), a wall (group members can leave messages on the wall, communicate with each other), a photo album (users and moderators of the group can upload photos) video and audio recordings (add music and video to the group), discussions (the ability to conduct surveys among community members, discuss topics of interest). These are basic functions, but there are additional ones (applications, materials), you will get to know them directly during the group creation.
  6. Configure the privacy of your community. If you wish, you can make the group open or closed. Materials of an open group are available to all users, but you must first enter a closed one by sending an appropriate request to an administrator who decides whether you are worthy of being in a group or not. You can also limit the ability of users to add audio, video and photos in your group. All this can be done in the "Settings" menu. Click "Save" and your changes will take effect.Congratulations, your group is created in contact!
  7. Community Administration. Click "Back to group", select the link "Community Management - Participants - Leaders". You can hand over the reins of the group to your friends or other users.
  8. You can invite new users in the tab “Manage community members”, add unwanted people to the ban list, view information on applications in the group.
  9. In the "Community Management" section, you can set an avatar for your community, add links to other groups that you find interesting, change basic information about your community.

Now you have learned how to create a group in contact. Good luck and interesting communication!

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