How to create a portfolio?

In the search for work, especially remote, you will need a well-composed portfolio. It will play the role of a certain self-advertisement, showing what you are capable of and why you should be hired. The question arises, how to create a competent portfolio?

Why do you need a portfolio

With the help of a portfolio, you can provide examples of your own work and projects so that a potential employer can see your level of professionalism. The customer needs to know how the performer fits the requests and requirements.

Therefore, it is difficult to manage without an attractive portfolio, and its creation should be given time. Do not do this in a hurry: it is better to spend more hours, but to do it qualitatively.

Basic rules for creating a competent portfolio

  • To create a portfolio should select only the best and, if possible, their fresh work.
  • Do not overload the portfolio. If you work in several areas (creation of turnkey websites and photography, for example), then select no more than 10-20 works in each.
  • Update your portfolio so that it is "live".This gives the customer to understand that the quality of your work is still at its best.
  • Keep your portfolio handy - for example, on a flash drive. Or wear a business card with the address of a personal site with examples of projects. The customer can meet in the most unexpected place.
  • Post your portfolio on personal sites, remote work exchanges or special resources. An example of such a network:.
  • Proper design portfolio - a mandatory step. A general style should be maintained, competent job descriptions, customer reviews added.

Consider the steps of creating a portfolio with a specific example.

Creating a portfolio designer

  • Select the works that you think are the best. Mediocre better not to insert. Portfolios are examples of the brightest of your art projects, they show what heights you can achieve in your work.
  • If there are large customers with a “name”, be sure to include them. You can ask these customers to write a review about your work and place it in a portfolio - great advertising will work out.
  • If you do not want to create a personal website, then there is a sufficient amount of resources where you can place a designer's portfolio.It is better to choose paid services that will be more reliable. As a rule, they offer tariffs with different possibilities. There is a pro account, which has the most expensive tariff, but gives more opportunities for self-presentation.
  • Among the free resources there are quite good ones - and.
  • Add to the site a description of yourself as a designer - how long have you been doing, what style of work, what are you interested in? The text should have a potential customer to apply at your service.

Do not forget, a successful portfolio is a pledge of productive work.

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