How to cut pineapple correctly

For a person who is watching his weight and health, the selection of the right foods is of paramount importance. It is rare to find delicious and low-calorie desserts at the same time. Pineapple is one of those delicacies. How to cut the paradise fruit, you can find out by reading this article.

Pineapple perfectly manifests itself as an independent dish and as part of many salads from meat or seafood.

Useful properties of a tropical fruit

Before showing how to cut a pineapple correctly, let’s dwell on its beneficial properties. And there are a lot of them. This fruit is just a storehouse of useful elements. These are calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, phosphorus, carotene. The product also contains vitamins of group B, ascorbic and organic acids, a mixture of enzymes.

Due to the presence of bromelain, this fruit perfectly helps burn fat, therefore it is a frequent component of many diets aimed at stabilizing weight.

pineapple how to cut

The use of a tropical fruit helps in solving many health problems, for example, in the treatment of kidney and heart diseases.Pineapple protects blood vessels from thrombosis, increases the potency, perfectly manifests itself in the fight against anemia. It is shown the use of this fruit to people suffering from obesity, edema, irregular stool.

The negative effect of an exotic fetus

It should be remembered that pineapple is contraindicated in some categories of people. So, the product is not recommended for those who suffer from diseases of the digestive tract. Excessive consumption threatens pregnant women with preterm labor. The fact is that pineapple has a positive effect on the work of the muscles, thereby it can provoke a contraction of the muscles of the uterus.

With frequent use of this exotic irritation of the lips and the skin around the mouth can be observed, provoked by the juice of the fruit. Therefore, you should try to eat pineapple so that the liquid does not fall on these areas of the skin.

Pineapple cleaning methods

Many stops from buying fresh pineapple duration of the process of cutting it. But if you try to do this procedure several times, then cleaning the fetus will not take long.

Depending on how you plan to feed this fruit, there are several ways of cutting it.If it is served in the form of cubes in the composition of the salad or cut into slices for skewers, the fruit must first be peeled. There are several ways to remove it: you can cut it into rings, and then release each of them from the outer shell, it is possible to remove the “coat” from the whole fruit. How to cut a pineapple depends on the desire and imagination of the person performing this process.

But it is still more convenient to skin the fetus immediately, so this process will take less time, and the juice in the pulp will remain more.

Properly clean

Before you cut the pineapple on the table to surprise the guests, let's start with the proper cutting of this fruit.

First you need to cut off the top with greens and the bottom opposite from it. This is done for the convenience of the culinary specialist, because this way the fruit will gain stability, and the process of cutting the fruit will be much easier.

So, first of all we cut off the upper and lower parts of the fetus, thereby turning it into a stable keg in the peel.

Next, you need to peel the pineapple peel, for this fit a narrow and well-sharpened knife, because remove the outer layer is better with thin strips.After doing this procedure, the pineapple will remain in the spines arranged in a spiral. To remove them, make deep cuts on each side. The result will be a figure that will resemble the tip of a wand for honey.

how to cut pineapple

Cut pineapple rings

This method of processing the pulp of the fruit is the most popular, it is carried out by several options. How to cut pineapple rings to maximize the preservation of its juice and the amount of pulp?

beautifully cut pineapple

The best option would be cutting the peeled pineapple peeled washers. This procedure is carried out on a cutting board using a sharp thin knife. Fruit is better to lay on its side and cut with finger-thick washers. Then it follows from each cut part to remove the middle.

You can still cut the untreated washers. To do this, take the fruit by the top and place it on the board, remove the bottom part, and then start cutting the pineapple as in the previous example. Then clean each washer from the peel and islands of thorns.

Such rings look aesthetically pleasing, and it is convenient to take them, but the option of cutting is possible without removing the core.

The puck can not be cut in the middle, because it contains the most useful components of the fruit (for example, bromelain, which helps burn fat).

There are special tools to remove the middle of the pineapple, with their help, this procedure does not take much time and effort.

how to cut pineapple photo

Pineapple feed basket option

How to cut pineapple for the holiday table? The most beautiful way of serving this fruit is the “Basket”. This option will be the decoration of any feast, but for its implementation will have to make some effort.

Fruit must be well washed, dried and cut lengthwise into two equal parts along with the top. In order to chop the pineapple as in the photo, you should not rush. It is important to choose the right and convenient knife.

Next, from each part you need to cut the pulp in one piece, cut it into pieces and put it beautifully in the pineapple pieces.

how to cut pineapple photo

This method of dressing the product is possible even when the pulp is going to be added to the salad or served on skewers. Baskets can be used as dishes for various salads, and just berries and fruits look great in this design.

Melon pineapple slices

We cut pineapple beautifully with another option - a classic one. It is the supply of "boats" is very often found in southeastern countries.

The fruit is cut down the bottom, while the upper part remains green. Next, the fruit is divided into four oblong parts, similar to the boat. We must try to each of them was a piece of the top.

Cut from each part the place of the rod, and cut the remaining flesh across (cut pineapple as in the photo). Get triangles. Then alternately shift them in opposite directions.

how to cut pineapple on the table

There are craftsmen who do not cut out the place of the rod. In the future, it serves as a kind of clip for pieces of fruit. For this method of serving pineapple, you must begin to remove the fruit stem from the bottom. Not reaching the top pair of centimeters, you should stop and bend the strip. Next, cut the pineapple flesh in the same way as before. It should turn out beautiful and unusual cutting, as in the photo.

How to cut a pineapple correctly is a moot point. Here the main thing is to remove the extra spines, and then - a matter of taste and preferences of the chef.

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