How to decorate champagne?

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How to decorate champagne?

A decorated champagne bottle can be an original gift not only for a birthday, but also for a wedding. Therefore, many love to wonder how to decorate the bottle. In our article we will tell you how to decorate a bottle of champagne.

A bottle of champagne can be decorated:

  • tapes;
  • tissues;
  • sweets


The most original way is to decorate a bottle of champagne with ribbons. To work you must purchase:

  • tapes of the required width;
  • glue (you can use liquid nails);
  • scissors.

Decorate the bottle

  1. We coat several centimeters of color tape with glue. Starting from the neck, we wrap the bottle with tape so that each new round finds a little on the previous one (i.e. we put overlapping tapes). When you get to the middle, take another half turn and cut the ribbon.
  2. ChampagneGlue two overlaps of silver tape so that it covers the emblem on the bottle.
  3. After that, we again wrap the bottle with colored tape to the end of the bottle. Do not forget to coat the tape with glue.
  4. Then you can begin to create a skirt that closes the bottom edge. To do this, take a wide ribbon and collect it on a string. For one bottle, you need to prepare 1.5 meters of tape.
  5. Fasten the skirt to the bottle with glue.

In the same way, ribbons can decorate the wedding champagne, picking up white and black ribbons for decoration.


If you want to decorate champagne in an original way, then the best option is to sew interesting costumes made of fabric. Costumes can come up with yourself. Also, the pattern of the bride and groom can be taken on the site. Having prepared the necessary patterns, you can proceed to the assembly of the product.


With the help of candy, you can also modify the usual bottle, for example, turning it into a pineapple. For work you will need:

  • yellow round candy;Champagne
  • 3 sheets of papyrus paper: 2 sheets of orange and 1 sheet of green;
  • heat gun with glue;
  • rope.

Pineapple making

  1. We make 7x7 squares from paper.
  2. Glue the candy in the middle of each square.
  3. Sticking candy to the bottle in circles, starting from the bottom. Candy should fit snugly together.
  4. We make leaves from green paper. Glue the leaves together in several layers.
  5. Glue the leaves in the bottle and hide the connection under the rope.

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