How to decorate the hall for the wedding?

Wedding - one of the most important holidays in the life of a couple in love, filled with warmth and love. To the gala evening was perfect, take care of its organization should be in advance. It is important not to miss all the details, thinking in advance how and how to decorate the hall for the wedding.

Color design of the hall

All tones that will be used in the design of the hall should be in harmonyHall decorationbetween themselves. Do not choose too bright and flashy colors. During the evening, both among the guests and the newlyweds, their eyes may get tired and their head ache from such an intense color combination.

The combination of lilac-white, blue-white and red-white colors looks impressive. Of course, when choosing a color scheme it is better to rely on your own taste preferences, but do not forget about the compatibility of colors and shades.

Useful tips on decorating the hall for the wedding

When you design a banquet hall, you should first of all adhere to the style in which the celebration will be held, especially if you decide to celebrate a themed wedding.

The decoration of the banquet room is better to do the day before the festive evening. IfHall decorationto decorate a restaurant a few days before the wedding, some elements of decor can lose their attractiveness: the flowers will wither, and the balloons will be blown away and lose their shape.

Do not forget to carefully consider the decor of the holiday table. More information about the options for its design can be found in our article.

Wedding hall decoration ideas

How to decorate the wedding hall with balloons

Proper combination of colors and shapes of balloons will help to create a light and at the same time a solemn atmosphere indoors. You can also lay out a thematic composition of the balls, and you can decorate walls with bundles of several balls.Hall decoration

Romantic arch of inflatable balls of pastel shades can be installed above the place where the newlyweds will sit.

Decorative balls from threads are original decorations that can decorate not only wedding tables, but also an interior in an apartment. Such interesting decorative things can be purchased at the gift shop or made independently.

Cloth decoration

Fabric is another decorative element that can easily and quickly turn an ordinary room into a festive tent.To start with a cloth, you can decorate the banquet table and chairs. Looks impressive when the tablecloth and napkins contrasting colors. Here you should not forget that the fabric should be in harmony in color with otherHall decorationdetails of the decor. In this case, chair covers can be supplemented with lush bows, neatly tied at the backs. For decorating the table is better to choose cloth napkins.

Fresh flowers as an element of decor

Compositions from natural flowers are not cheap, but also look very impressive and festive.

To decorate a festive hall, professional decorators recommend choosing a specific kind of color. But whether festive evening will be decorated with roses or lilies, already depends on the taste of the newlyweds and the stylistic orientation of the holiday. At the same time, you should start decorating the wedding hall with fresh flowers no more than a day before the festive evening. Otherwise, the flowers will wither and lose their attractive appearance. Floral compositions can also be supplemented with green plants, fern branches and candles.

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