How to delete a file from a computer?

We are all connected with the computer, with the help of them we work, play, learn. All this information, which we download and view on the monitor screens, has its own weight and accumulates on the hard disk of the computer. Of course, it does not disappear anywhere and you need to remember that before deleting a file from a computer, see if you need it, is it used by the system, or has the attribute of a hidden folder or file. A simple deletion of any document, file, folder is done by simply clicking on the right-click item - the “Delete” item.

Program to delete files

There are documents that cannot be deleted with the mouse, because Windows generates "No access" errors. If you leave everything to chance, then soon your computer will turn into a basket with electronic junk. Fortunately, there is a program for remote files called Unlocker. Thanks to this simple utility you can:

  • Move folders that do not normally move.
  • Delete files on which limited access is imposed.

The program is easy to use and suitable for any operating system.

By the way, with regard to operating systems. In the properties of Windows (this is not taken away from Microsoft) there is such a feature to be updated. In this case, the old "new clothes" remain and accumulate, this leads to the fact that the system begins to load for a long time and becomes less productive. Many users do not know how to delete Windows files to keep the system working. But the developers have taken care of this and everyone should know how to delete unnecessary files, having only administrator rights. It's simple, but you should follow no one's algorithm:

  • First write the command “cmd” on the command line.
  • Next, you need to take ownership of the file, while using the “takeown” command, for example (takeown / F C: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \ winload.exe.mui).
  • Then with the help of the cacls command you will be given the right to delete files:

    cacls C: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \ winload.exe.mui / User: F

Delete unnecessary files

The important question is which files can be deleted from the computer? Of course, you can safely delete your own files, because you created them. All users on the computer all the memory is divided into disks, mostly two. One has an operating system installed, and the second has your files completely.From this it follows that everything that you install on the second disk can be deleted, corrected, copied and it will not affect the settings of your computer.

In the first section, you can delete only some files. For example, the folder "My Documents", here you can delete all files, including the section "Desktop". There is also a folder “Temp”, which is located in the system folder “windows” - this is a collection of all temporary files of the computer for its sessions. The folder itself is system and not deleted, but the internal files must be periodically cleaned.

In addition to the hard disk of the computer, the storage media are optical disks. Before you delete files from disk, you need to know that the method of storing files here is not the same as on a hard disk or flash drive. That is, just select the document and can not be deleted. You need to have a program for recording discs, for example, NeroBurning Rom, with its help you completely clear the entire disc. If you do not have the program at hand, insert the disc into the drive, click on the shortcut that appears and right-click and select the "Format" option.

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