How to dilute mascara?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
July 30, 2012
How to dilute mascara?

Dried mascara can surprise anyone of us. However, if the expiration date states that the mascara is not overdue, you can try to reanimate it by diluting it with a proven agent. How to dilute mascara without harm to the eyes?

  1. The safest, and therefore the most popular way is warm water. A bottle of ink is enough to put in a glass of water and hold for about 10 minutes. If your water-based mascara, you can just drop a few drops of distilled water on the brush.
  2. You can put a few eye drops on the brush, such as Oftelgel or Vizin. This will prevent inflammation and irritation of the eyes, neutralizes the action of microbes.
  3. A suitable tool for diluting dried mascara will be a tonic or eye makeup remover, as long as they do not contain alcohol.
  4. If you use contact lenses, you will be available to another means for breeding carcass - a solution for contact lenses.In this case, the allergic reaction is reduced to zero, because the composition of the solution for the lenses is almost identical to the composition of the tears.

What can not be diluted

Many women use much more harmful methods to restore dried mascara. For example, your own saliva, brandy, cologne or perfume, and even vegetable oil. All these methods are unacceptable and extremely harmful to the eyes!

Remember that any restoration of the carcass by dilution should be a one-time. Better take your time and go to the cosmetic shop for new mascara.

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