The training program should include a variety of exercises to work out all muscle groups. It is necessary to constantly supplement the already loved exercises and look for new ones in order to improve and develop your body. The higher the level of training of an athlete, the more complex, in terms of technique and endurance exercises, he can afford.

Everyone probably heard about the attacks and their benefits and ease of implementation. This is a very effective strength exercise for the gluteal muscles. You can do it at home and in the gym. When performing it, the same muscles are involved as during squats. However, the attacks allow you to develop a large amplitude, and thanks to them the extensor muscles of the thigh and knee are actively worked out.

Bulgarian attacks

There are several types of attacks. The most difficult, but at the same time the most effective, are the Bulgarian attacks. Let us consider in more detail how they differ from ordinary ones, how to do them correctly, what are their peculiarities, and what it is worth paying particular attention to when performing them.

What it is?

Bulgarian attacks are the kind of exercises in which, in addition to the gluteus, the thigh muscles are also worked out. As a rule, they are started when ordinary attacks do not give the desired result, and when you just want to increase the load on the buttocks.

The basis of this exercise - the shift of weight on one leg. At this time, the second leg is laid back and rests on a support. Not everyone can do this, especially with the burdening, here you need to have at least good physical training.

How to do Bulgarian attacks

These exercises are done as follows:

  1. You need to prepare any support, for example, a bench or chair. Put her in the back.
  2. With one foot you need to take a broad step forward, so that the distance from the front foot to the bench is about eighty centimeters.
  3. The second leg is placed on the bench. The correct position is down the laces of the sneakers.
  4. Do not forget that when performing exercises you need to breathe correctly, take a breath. Then slowly go down, gradually bending the leg at the knee.
  5. It is very important that the back during the exercise, was even.
  6. Going down, you need to linger a little (literally for a few seconds) in order to feel the work of the muscles.
  7. Then we rise and exhale.
  8. The leg changes and everything is done first.It is worth doing 10 attacks on each leg, at least three sets.

In principle, nothing complicated. Especially if a pre-coach or one of the athletes shows and teaches how to do everything correctly, then it will not be difficult to perform the Bulgarian attacks on your own. The photo shows how the athlete should be placed before and during the exercise.

how to make bulgarian attacks

What to look for

Any exercise with improper performance can not only bring results, but also harm. Bulgarian bullets are no exception. The technique of execution is not difficult for them, but there are moments that should be discussed separately:

  • When you squat, note that the lower leg should be upright, not leaning forward.
  • According to the rules, the knee does not go beyond the sock. If it does not work out, then you simply initially adopted the wrong position: you need to put the working leg a little further.
  • When you rise, you should not completely unbend the leg at the knee. So harder, but the result will be better. In addition, you can more thoroughly feel how muscles work.
  • Weight concentrates on one foot, namely, on the heel and foot.
  • If you are not using dumbbells or a barbell, then the position of the hands can be any: on the belt or in front of you.

Features of the exercise

Bulgarian attacks are not an exercise that can help increase leg mass. Here, first of all, the buttocks work. If done correctly, very soon you will notice positive results. And the key to success is correct weight. It is important not to use too much so that the equipment is not disturbed. If the weight and increase, then this should be done gradually.

Varieties of Bulgarian attacks

bulgarian dumbbell attacks

In these exercises there are several types:

  • Classic Bulgarian attacks. This is the simplest variety, because it does not use any burdening. Found support - and forward (by the way, in addition to the gym and at home, the exercise can be performed even on the street, using, for example, a bench as a support). There is a point of view that lunges without using additional weight (for example, dumbbells) do not give a good result. Far from it.
  • Lunges from a fitball. The ball is used as a support for fitness. It is very convenient, as the foot on the ball is comfortable and soft.

Bulgarian attacks technique

  • Bulgarian attacks with dumbbells. It is believed that for girls this is the most optimal form of exercise. However, for the male it will be no less useful. They are carried out in the same way, only in each hand there is a dumbbell, respectively, the musculature of the hands additionally develops.
  • Lunge with a barbell. Used straight grip. It is very worthwhile to pay attention to this variety and not to lift too much weight. To perform the attacks with a barbell on your shoulders you need to have a very good balance, so if you are worried that you can not hold the weight - you should not start. You can go to them later when you have more confidence when doing the exercise.

Bulgarian attacks photo

  • Lunges in Smith's simulator. In contrast to the attacks with the rod - this is a safe, but at the same time no less effective option, since the burden is also present here. The neck is located just below the shoulders. The meaning of the simulator is that it is fixed and there is no need to keep balance. You can fully concentrate on doing the exercises. The technique is exactly the same.

What muscles work?

In addition to actively loading the gluteal zone, other muscles are involved in the exercise. Best involved:

  1. The back of the thigh.
  2. Quadriceps (front side of the thigh).
  3. Muscle stabilizers.

What is the use of exercise?

Let us see what other advantages Bulgarian bullet has. The technique of execution is simple, with the exception of a number of points that you should carefully follow. What else?

First, movement coordination develops due to the inclusion of stabilizing muscles in the work. Secondly, mobility and flexibility of the hip joints are improved. In addition, both legs develop evenly, which is a very important advantage if one leg is lagging. The positive side is to include a large number of variations of the exercise, which means that each will choose for themselves the attacks, in accordance with the physical form and capabilities. And, of course, the convenience and ease of execution also plays a very important role.

Bulgarian lunge technique

Draw conclusions

Thus, the Bulgarian lunges are a great exercise for those who want to effectively work out the gluteal zone, get a good relief of the legs. It is desirable that the first time, especially if the exercise is done with a burden, the coach or another experienced and knowledgeable person showed how to do such attacks correctly.

Exercise is effective, it is all emphasize, but you should not accelerate the process of transforming your body by increasing weight. The barbell must be handled with particular care.Very simply, you can lose your balance, fall, get a serious injury. With proper implementation, an effective result can be achieved in a short time by doing even classic Bulgarian attacks or lunges with dumbbells. When performing this type of exercise, as in sports in general, consistency and gradualness are important.

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