How to draw a helicopter?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
March 12, 2013
How to draw a helicopter?

Military equipment is always pleasing to the eye, especially men, when supersonic airplanes fly overhead, so it interrupts breathing. Or a huge tank, driving past you, showing its power. If you are a novice artist and want to learn how to draw a military helicopter, try this and you will definitely have the necessary experience. By the way, the image of an ordinary aircraft is much more complicated than the drawing of a helicopter. Because there are many details, including weapons. Remember that a beautiful drawing of a military technician will be a great exhibit in your collection or a gift for February 23.

Before you draw a helicopter, choose a model. Look at the main structural parts of this technology. Try to choose a position of the helicopter that he was visible and seemed to be voluminous. At the end of your drawing, paint it using bright colors, so your picture will be very attractive.

So, to know how to draw a helicopter in stages, consider the following steps:

  • As always, start with a sketch of the helicopter.Use an oval for the “body” and a circle for the pilot's cabin. Do not forget about the correct location of the helicopter on a piece of paper, so that everything could climb.
  • Next, draw the tail of the helicopter, look at the proportions (do not make it long or too short). Make a stand for large blades.
  • Now grab the image of the bow. Draw the windshields, headlights and main drive shaft for the upper blades of the vehicle. At this stage, try to remove all of your additional lines, so as not to “clog” the drawing.
  • At this stage, you must draw the blades, the portholes (windows) on the body, the doors, and also the helicopter chassis.
  • The last stage is the guidance of the main parts of the helicopter, add small blades to the tail. And start decorating! Figure is ready.

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