How to draw a picture on paper?

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How to draw a picture on paper?

Drawing is an exciting activity, forwhich does not require much, just a sheet of paper, a simple pencil and an eraser. With the help of these items, even a novice artist can paint any pictures. You can even create three-dimensional images that will look realistic, thanks to properly applied shadows and an incision in a certain place.

Drawing a 3d drawing on paper should start withsimple forms, for example, a cube, a ball, a triangle, a cylinder. These figures form the basis of many subjects. If you learn how to portray them realistically, then it will be easy to perform any object. Let's consider step by step how to draw such drawing.

Initial stage: sketch

At the first stage, it is necessary to schematically designate the selected figure on paper.

  • If the ball, then the outline will be in the form of a circle.
  • For the image of the cylinder, two vertical lines are connected by an oval at the top and bottom.
  • The cube is executed in accordance with the lawslinear perspective, that is, the size of its sides will decrease as you move away. The upper and lower lines of the ribs will be parallel to each other. According to the law of air prospects, those parts that are far away will be darker, light ones should be located ahead.

Do not press hard on the pencil. It should not be strongly sharpened and have a soft lead.

The second stage: drawing of shadows and contours

Next, you should select clear lines of shapes that are visible, and remove the invisible.

  • In the cube, three front planes will be visible: the top, front and side.
  • In the cylinder, the top and side will be viewed.
  • The ball must be left as it is.

To draw a 3d drawing on paper in stages,need the ability to apply shadows. They must be blurred, fuzzy, then the image will become realistic. If the light falls on the front side, then the front part of the objects is lightened, and the lateral parts gradually darken. The darkest areas will be behind. In a realistic drawing, shadows have no borders or sharp transitions, so a 3D image effect is created. Light areas can be created using an eraser.

The final stage

After the figure has received the volume, you candraw a shadow that she throws on a piece of paper. It will be slightly blurred and resemble the subject in shape. You can not do without a soft pencil. It is convenient for them to work by adjusting the intensity of the color at different pressures.

At the end, give the figure the features of a thing. For example:3D drawing

  • You can make a ball with a tennis ball, adding curved lines.
  • The cube will become a beautiful casket or gift box.
  • Cylinder with plastic cup or vase.

Everything depends on the imagination of the artist.

It is possible to give the drawing visually an even largervolume, cutting the paper along the contour in its upper part. It seems that the object is located outside the sheet. It will not be easy to draw a drawing on paper in 3d technique from the first time, but practice will necessarily give good results.

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