How to draw harry potter easy and fast?

Harry Potter - the famous wizard, the protagonist of a series of books of the same name.

Harry Potter and the actor who played him

Despite the fact that all the books have already been released, the films have been shot, and the actors have already become quite adult people, the interest in the young wizard does not fade. More and more new generations with avidly read books and immerse themselves in the on-screen story of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Not surprisingly, many fans would not only like to know how to draw Harry Potter. Recall that this character was played by actor Daniel Redcliffe, who was very similar to that described by Joanne Rowling a boy with magical abilities.

We draw together

Consider how to draw Harry Potter in stages.

  1. Take a clean sheet and a pencil with a rubber band. As you understand, we have to draw a portrait of a 13-year-old boy. It’s good if you have a picture of your character in front of you.
  2. Draw a neat oval, which in the future will become the head of Harry, as well as the neck and shoulders.Of course, for now this is only an outline, but at this stage it is necessary to be careful and observe the necessary proportions.
  3. Bring face contours, tracing cheekbones and chin. Add shovel hair in the form of a cap. Divide the face into two halves, drawing a light vertical line from the forehead to the chin. Shoulders should be made more rounded and sloping. We show the cutout to draw harry potter
  4. At this stage, fully focus on the facial features. To have an idea of ​​how to draw human faces, you can preview the topic in relevant publications. Determine the eye level and draw a horizontal line in this place. Then we will draw two vertical segments, starting from the supposed inner corners of the eyes, through the future wings of the nose, to the corners of the mouth. These lines will determine the width of the nose and lips.
  5. Mark the line of the mouth and draw a horizontal line here. Above the top segment draw two lines of eyebrows. They should be inclined towards the bridge of the nose. In principle, all auxiliary facial lines are ready. We can proceed to the next to draw harry potter
  6. Now you can safely draw a nose and lips, given the auxiliary lines.
  7. Continue to draw the facial features.Bring the nose and lips, make them more distinct and give the desired shape. With eyes, it may be a little more difficult, especially if you have little experience in drawing faces. The easiest way to draw the necessary form from the image. Note that Potter has close-set eyes, close to the nose.
  8. Give the brows the desired width. Let us return to the eyes and draw large pupils.
  9. As we remember, throughout all seven books, Harry wore glasses. Therefore, for the credibility of the image, this feature cannot be omitted. From the center of the pupils we will draw vertical lines down and horizontal through the nose. The intersection of the lines will be the centers of the lenses. Using caliper or eye draw glasses, given the obtained coordinates.Harry Potter drawn in pencil
  10. Harry's hairstyle is almost always disheveled, as he has unruly hair. Draw a hair.
  11. We direct all the components of the face, paint the eyebrows, erase all auxiliary lines.
  12. Few add shadows to the neck and draw the cutout of the to draw harry potter step by step
  13. The final touch is a signature scar in the shape of a zipper on the forehead.

We paint a portrait

This is how Harry Potter came out, drawn in pencil.If you wish, you can color the resulting picture. Harry has black hair and green eyes that he got from a beautiful mother.

Now you know how to draw Harry Potter, and as you can see, there is nothing complicated about it.

A quick way to draw Harry for newbies

If you’re not good at drawing faces, you’ll have to use the second option, which shows a simpler method how to draw Harry Potter. Take the finished image of the wizard and a blank sheet. Put white paper on the picture and circle the translucent lines. Then just hover them and darken in the right places.

This option is simpler, but unlike the first, your creative skills will not be used.

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